360 Security Lite

If you are looking to improve the performance and speed of your device, 360 Security Lite assisted with it in just two clicks. The performance speed enhances with this application and it stops malware or viruses. 360 Security Lite helps in removing the useless trash files which only take up space.

I while using 360 Security Lite noted that the interface was divided into three windows which contain three basic functions of 360 Security Lite. The accelerator is the first tab which gets rid of the processes involved waste resources unnecessarily. The smartphone’s percentage was shown with this window utilizing memory and the apps number utilizing up the bulk amount of your device memory. You can get more free RAM by just clicking on the main button.

Then there is the second window which has tools to clean and get rid of the trash files which pile up in the smartphone like the cache, uninstalled apps residual elements, and other visible files. I noted that the application “360 Security Lite” shows the list of everything which could delete and you can select from that list to which one should stay and which one should be removed.

For getting protected from malware attacks, the third window protects the device and it means even if it’s been infected, 360 Security Lite assists in getting rid of any possible problems and avoid future infections.

How to use?

Using this last feature is quiet easy and you just need to click on the main icon to start and initiate. It overall improves the device’s performance, get rid of garbage, and avoiding issues related to the associated problems with just one click.

Technical Information

  • License: Freeware
  • Category: General
  • Language: English (42 more)
  • Downloads: 326,495

Do you want to download it for free? Here it is:


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