5 Pro Tips to Get Free Instagram Followers

Instagram is the new big thing in the social network industry. Many and many people nowadays want to start their Instagram accounts and looking for tips and tricks to gain more followers.  There is no doubt that Instagram after its launch immediately turns into some serious content marketing, audience building and networking tool for individuals as well as for brands. Currently, on the planet, it is the most famous social networking site with the active 200 million active monthly members and attaining almost 1.5 billion likes each day.

Free Instagram Followers

Update: Apart from using social platform “Instagram” for entertainment, there is the question which is “Is Instagram helpful for business?”

I answered the question in the article here and you can surely give a read for getting better understanding of the Instagram marketing model.

For now, I explained 5 pro tips for getting free Instagram followers within short period of time.

1. Dedicated Hashtag Cross Promotion

It’s always necessary to create some cross hashtags for individual promotion as well as for the company. But it is always recommended to share the content in the profile as well as taking it offline which include printing ads, receipts and at relevant events.

Direct people to use your hashtag if you’re on any electronic media platform which include TV and radio. Make sure to add it with the online and offline campaigns by listing it on your other social profiles. It’s irrelevant to just hope people will automatically find you. You have to work for it and this is an essential technique in influencing your presence on Instagram and getting more free Instagram followers.

2. Hashtag Creative Usage

You require to look just beyond the one-word when it comes to Instagram caption ideas which are obviously hashtags. You can surely use that too but mixing it up and using hashtags which are equivalent to the story which you are telling will an enhance your social presence. Your part is “Just Don’t be BORINGincludes work on the hashtag to make your story look creative, ironic or maybe funny.  According to our research, there is the company named as “WeWork” which is great at this and they work on the mixing of the Instagram content to make it look more relevant.

5 Pro Tips to Get Free Instagram Followers

3. Popular Conversations Engagement

Using the relevant hashtags in every post like #onlinemarketing for the marketing business, for instance, use trending, super-popular hashtags wherever possible.

5 Pro Tips for Instagram Lovers

Long-tail keywords are really specific hashtags which usually show more intent and assist in finding the right people, with the universally trending hashtags like #instamood, #tbt, #shootoftheday or even simple plain text like #party get you in front of million people in general. If you want to make big on the social network, you need to apply both at least on Instagram to show your presence and get more free Instagram followers.

4. Maximize the usage of your bio URL

Your Instagram profile is as your property. Like do you want your bio description just to link with the homepage of the website? Nah? You need to alter it at least monthly and utilize that clickable link in your bio to drive more traffic to your updated content.

Free Instagram Followers

5. Captions – Descriptive but concise

As one says “Picture itself is worth a million words”, but you can’t just skip the words entirely. The example of this is National Geographic which engages people with stories alongside Instagram photos. This makes NatGeo unique and it is actually dominating Instagram with more than 50 million active followers.

10 Pro Tips for Instagram Lovers


I showed the 5 pro tips in this short article for getting instantly free Instagram Followers. Gaining followers from these techniques will surely last longer and there will not be any need to buy Instagram followers in a long run if these tips are being used consistently.

You guys have any other tips? Let us know in the comments!

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