Agent Smith Malware & Its Effects

Agent Smith Malware and Its Effects

What is Agent Smith?

Every person is having a smartphone in hand but few of them are having intelligent minds to use them. It is important to know that some limitations, precautions, and disadvantages exist in everything. If you are using a smartphone then you must have the knowledge to secure yourself and your important data. Like every year, we are again listening about an “Agent Smith Malware” that has damaged almost 25 million devices. 98% of the devices are related to Asia. Can you just believe it?

Agent Smith is a dreadful virus that is causing unbelievable and unapproachable damages to mobile phone users. According to a report, this malware has caused damages to nearly 15 million mobile devices and all these devices are related to India. Isn’t it shocking? It happens due to a mistake caused by Indian users. It is not about India only but rest of the 10 million belongs to Pakistan, Bangladesh, Russia, Indonesia, UK, USA, and Australia. There is an app store named as, this app store caused this virus to enter into your devices. This app store belongs to Alibaba. Now it is important to note that who does not visit Alibaba? Majority of internet users visit Alibaba and trust this brand.

Are we facing such a virus for the first time?

No, we are not facing such a virus for the first time. We have been facing such kinds of viruses from the past many years. It is important to note that such fraudulent groups like to earn through fraudulent ads, stolen data, and stolen banking details. We have faced some viruses before Agent Smith-like Gooligan, CopyCat and Hummingbird. All of these viruses took place at many mobile phones and caused severe damages to the mobile phone users but Agent Smith has crossed many limits to earn money and deceive people. You can see that Gooligan looks like Google. A new person in the world of smartphones can easily become foolish by seeing the name “Gooligan” who does not take advice from any experienced smartphone user at home.

Which applications have been affected by Agent Smith?

You will be surprised to know that Agent Smith has infected many renowned android applications like WhatsApp, Flipkart, Jio Chat, Jio Play, Hotstar, and Truecaller. You know very well that Facebook owns the WhatsApp and still this application has been affected. It is very important to know that whenever you download an application, do not forget to read its details, take a closer look at its icon size, color and structure and its entire name including fonts and font styles used in it. It has been declared by Check Point that this virus is now heading toward Google Play Store. Plus, it has already infected many Android functions. 15 million infected mobile phone devices belong to India because Indians love to watch dramas on Hotstar and shop from Alibaba and Flipkart. It has the capability to infect more applications. All application makers and mobile phone users need to be very attentive.

How to get rid of the virus?

Let’s take a look at which kinds of problems does “Agent Smith Malware” cause to your mobile phones? Please note that this virus damages your mobile phone completely. It is such a smart virus that tracks every record and keeps every data of your mobile phone very easily. It has the ability to delete your already installed applications and replace them with fraudulent applications or duplicate applications. Just think that how much is it dangerous to you? It shows unwanted and unlimited ads through duplicate applications to earn money.

Why Agent Smith Malware is Dangerous?

According to a report from Check Point Research, this virus can easily steal your banking information and cause you incredible damage. If you are Asian and you have done such a mistake then do not take it too light and do something against it from resetting your phone to disabling the applications. You should go to your Settings and click the Applications tab. From the applications tab, you should take a look at those applications that are duplicate and do not actually belong to the trusted parties. You should read their details properly. If you find them suspicious then you should delete them at the same time. You can easily force stop them and disable them. Just untick all its activities and do every possible action that you can do against it. Saving your data from this virus is your responsibility.

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Plus, you should consult your mobile phone franchise if they can help you out with it. If you get rid of it then just refresh your phone thoroughly and install an antivirus on it. This antivirus can save you from all kinds of future issues. You should use a proper antivirus that has the ability to fight against any kind of malicious virus-like adware, malware, ransomware, spyware and all. You can go for paid memberships to give more security to your mobile phone. Having your entire data on your mobile phone from your social, professional and personal life is not healthy if you do not know that it is your responsibility to secure your phone. Please secure your mobile phone today to stay away from any kind of future damages. Moreover, you should also launch a complaint against such issues as if you find any duplicate application. One important thing is that never trust in its ads. Its ads are always fraudulent and cheap.

How to Protect your phone from Agent Smith Malware?

There is one more way to secure yourself is to check all kinds of applications that are named by Google. If you find any of the applications like Google Updates, Google Powers, Google Installer for U and Google Installer then it is pretty sure that your phone has been infected with this virus. But you do not need to get worried at all, you just need to disable, force stop or delete them permanently from your phone. Check Point has announced that this virus is now going to attack Google Play Store which is big news. Google needs to update its security lines even more. This virus cannot only damage your mobile phone but it can steal your personal information, photos, and other data as well. This is something beyond anyone’s imagination. This virus gang can even sell your data to earn money from it.

Final Thoughts

This fraud gang with the launch of “Agent Smith Malware” is ready to earn money in every way. One more thing, if you find any kind of dialog box occurred in front of you then please do not click on Yes or No without reading it. First, read the dialog box very carefully then decide to click on Yes or No. You also need to read the source from where the dialog box appears. It may happen that you select No but in the backend, it works like Yes. This is quite suspicious and demands your full concentration when you work on your smartphone. Download important stuff from two trusted stores only, one is Google Play Store and second is Apple Store.

You need to be very much sharp, intelligent and focused while using your mobile phones. Being a responsible person, it is your duty to stay careful and secure.

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