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10 Best Android Themes (2019)

Everything is changing in this world. Everything is getting advanced. In this same way, android themes are also changing. Some years ago, these themes used to be quite simple. Today, they are becoming quite modern with a lot of user-friendlier features than before. It comes with extraordinary kinds of settings, keyboards, menus, home screens, etc. Everything has become modular. Now you cannot download a full single theme but you need to download various modules. You download various modules and make a complete theme with the help of those components. Today, we are going to discuss some of the best themes of this era in 2019. We are also discussing some of the best widget packs and icon packs below to help you out even more.

Action Launcher

Action Launcher is one of the best android themes as it has some basic elements, styles¸ icons, and fonts and other reliability features. It can automatically customize the colors of the launcher from the colors present on your wallpaper. It has a lot of customization options that help you to customize the theme perfectly and easily. It includes Android 7.1 style app shortcuts, elements, smart sized icons, and a quick bar. It has elements from the Google Pixel Launcher as well. It is a very fast and sharp android theme. Overall, this theme is quite interesting and helpful and a person enjoys while working on it.

Best Android Themes

Facer or Watchmaker

Facer or Watchmaker is an interesting android theme. This theme can be named with both Facer and Watchmaker names. It has a lot of customization options and important elements. It can custom make watches for all kinds of Android Wear Watches. It is easy for you to find thousands of watch faces from different people in the world. This theme allows you to do it. You can even upload your designs as well. You can easily contribute by doing so. This theme supports Gear S2 and S3 devices. Those who utilize Android Wear can easily make their watches look like their smartphones by just putting some efforts.

Best Android Themes

Mac OS X EI Capitan

If you are looking for something interesting and wonderful while searching for android themes then do not miss the chance to take a look at Mac OS X EI Capitan. This theme is quite clear by its name. It perfectly explains that it has something that can be used unbelievably. It tends to give you a superb chance to experience the Mac Operating System X in your Windows 10 platform. Is not it amazing? This is amazing. This is one of the best skins of Windows 10. It is easy for any person to understand this by reading the name of this theme perfectly. This theme will give you a fantastic experience if you use it.

Best Android Themes

Ubuntu SkinPack

Ubuntu Skin Pack is wonderful to hear and quite different to listen. Many people in the world do not know that there is also an operating system that exists in the world and that is known as Ubuntu Operating System. This operating system is just fantastic and helpful. It has many reliable and sufficient clients. This theme gives a chance to the users to experience the working of Ubuntu Operating System. This theme is one of the best themes for Windows 10. You can easily use this theme to see more variations in the world of internet.

Best Android Themes


If you are a person who loved to use Windows 7 and you miss that platform then do not be sad anymore. The wait is over. StartIsBack is a kind of android theme that allows you to experience the fun of the Windows 7 platform on Windows 10 platform. This is the 3rd best Windows 10 platform theme in the market. It is just a fantastic theme and its users love to use this.

Best Android Themes


Silk is just phenomenal. Its overview can be imagined by its name Silk. It allows many things to the users and helps them to experience much better and according to their choices. This is the fifth-best android Windows 10 theme of 2019. It has two main capabilities. One is related to the conversion of a theme into a beautiful notebook. It allows you to use this theme as a beautiful notebook. The second thing is quite special as well. It allows you to change the colors according to your own choice. This helps you to make it more attractive, helpful and convincing.

Best Android Themes


Oxford is a simple and to-the-point android theme. This is one of the best android themes for Windows 10. It is just simple and allows you to use it in a very simple way. It does not include special features like other android themes but it has all the features that make this theme quite important, helpful and user-friendly. If you wish to work with the purest look of your Windows 10 then this theme is the best option for you.

Best Android Themes


Flattastic theme is the best Windows 10 theme that allows you to experience the 8 versions of Flattastic light theme and Flattastic Dark theme. If you wish to experience it then this theme is the best option for you. Flattastic gives a minimalistic look to your Windows 10 adventure.

Best Android Themes

Evie Launcher

Evie Launcher is one of the best themes like Action Launcher. It can impress its users by its user-friendly features and Android theme prospects. This theme is just phenomenal and comes with an unparalleled home screen that is designed with mind-blowing performance. This android theme can perfectly fit into an Android smartphone. It also has a fantastic feature to make the customization process quite easier and smoother. It has some features like custom shortcuts, quick navigation, universal search, and easy personalization.

Windows 10 themes

Wallpapers HD

Wallpapers HD is a kind of android theme that offers you some popular wallpapers for your smartphone. This theme’s all images perfectly match with your phone screen size. Moreover, all these images are of high quality and various resolutions which is just fantastic. It supports all kinds of electronic devices including all kinds of electronic devices with large screens. All of these wallpapers have been perfectly trimmed to ensure you that you will find the perfect pictures for your mobile phones by using this android theme. This theme allows you to conserve Internet traffic and battery power. This theme allows you to use it with maximum speed because by doing this, you will not lose the quality of the images. It has some other features as well like current wallpaper, popular tags, and categories, tailored wallpapers, manual cutting of wallpaper, save battery and resources, etc.

Wallpapers Android


All these themes come with reliable and different features. Every theme has its importance and fun level. It should be noted that all of these themes should be used according to the requirements. In the upcoming era, it is expected to see more changes in these android themes with more user-friendly features than ever.

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