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5 Best Anti-Malware Software in 2020

Today’s topic is quite interesting as we are going to talk about the 5 best anti-malware software available on the internet. As we all know that facing viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, rootkits, worms, Trojans and other malicious attacks are common every day and to stop them from destroying and stealing our important documents from our PCs is important. To help you in choosing the best anti-malware software for your PC, we are presenting you some of the best anti-malware software along with their description. According to our research, there are 5 best anti-malware software available in the market are:

  • Bitdefender
  • McAfee
  • AVG
  • Norton
  • Malwarebytes


Best Anti-Malware Software

Bitdefender comes on 1st position as it is the best antivirus that is available on the internet to protect your PC. According to a test taken by AV test organization, it got 6 points out of 6. It even detected almost 99.96% viruses from 100% viruses which is absolutely remarkable. This antivirus received “advanced+” award for detecting the viruses tremendously. Its user interface is quite friendly and can be easily understood by every kind of user if he focuses on it.

It provides proper reports, summaries, notifications, tools, activity logs, etc. It takes very limited system resources and runs automatically behind the scenes. It does not interrupt in any kind of PC operations and it does not slow down your computer. It comes with many features like Wi-Fi network, file shredder, Safe files feature, file encryption utility, parental control, limited VPN, link scanner, malware filter, traffic light browser, separate downloads, support to different search engines like Safari, Chrome and Firefox, tracker’s identification, multi-layered ransomware protection, security advisor, autopilot feature, home screener, battery saver, search advisor, internet security suite, Webcam protection, disk-cleanup, performance optimization tools, one-click optimizer etc. All these features make this antivirus absolutely outstanding. Parental controls have increased their more importance. It is affordable in range. Any person can easily buy this software. Plus, it provides tremendous support like email, phone and chat support.


Best Anti-Malware Software

McAfee performs very well in terms of virus detection. However, it does not work like Bitdefender but you can go for it if you are working from home and not from your office. It has a user-friendly interface that helps many people to understand it. However, some people find it a little bit difficult as well. Overall, it’s a good antivirus which is adopted by many users in the world and they are running it successfully.

If we talk about the features then this comes with a lot of features like True Key Password, live safe file encryption, third-party application update manager, Identity Manager, file shredder, extra downloads, content filters, biometric login, password locker, secure auto-login, app privacy protection, memory clean up, app lock, full synchronization, child activity log, malicious app protection, screen-time management and safe search filters. All these features are quite helpful and really help the users to stay safe from the viruses but it is important to note it does not come with parental controls. Like if you are having kids at home and they are using the internet then having McAfee on your PC is not a good option. It is not really expensive but it can be easily bought by middle-class people. If you are below this line then you may go with Bitdefender. Plus, it provides proper phone, email and chat support system and even Virtual Assistant support which is very unique and provided by this antivirus only in the overall industry.


Best Anti-Malware Software

AVG is a well-accepted antivirus of this field. It was tested by AV test and it came with the results of 5.5/6 in terms of detecting the viruses and 6/6 in terms of software usability. It means that this is just outstanding if you wish to use it in terms of detecting the difficult and dangerous malware, attacks and threats. It was awarded “advanced+” award which is the highest level award. Its user interface is quite simple and provides proper information like scan results, summaries, reports, automated messages, etc. It has different features like ransomware protective layer, Wi-Fi security guard, anti-spam feature, anti-phishing feature, advanced firewall, webcam protection, encryption module, webcam spying, etc. But it does not have one important feature that is known as parental control.

If you are having kids and they use internet then purchasing AVG is not recommended as you cannot keep an eye on your children’ activities and stuff that try to capture their minds or harm them. Moreover, this is quite affordable like any person can easily purchase this. Even, its first product is FREE. You can download it and use it easily. The free version works with limited features. It provides proper customer support through official security and performance tips, official social media pages, FAQ, and support area


Norton is very unique and really helps in terms of virus detection and software usability. It detects difficult and dangerous kinds of viruses and threats and helps to stop them from harming the systems. It passed several tests and proved itself to be one of the best antiviruses. It has a simple and user-friendly interface that is easy for any person to understand it. It provides proper scan results, summaries and reports to its users to help them in understanding the issues that were going to hit their PCs. It comes with many features like a password manager, file cleanup, disk optimizer, sneaks peek, Safe Web, 25GB of cloud backup, startup manager, etc. Safe Web works like parental control. It helps to hijack different viruses when they try to damage your webcam, Facebook profiles, etc. but still, it is not a proper solution for the safety of your children and you need to go with proper software that provides complete security to your children while they work on the internet. It is really affordable and very inexpensive. It provides proper support through phone, email, manuals, and FAQs to its users.


Malwarebytes review

Malwarebytes was tested by AV test organization and it got 4 points out of 6. It is a good option but not the best. It was awarded “advanced” award which is the 2nd highest achievement award in the field of antiviruses. It detects many kinds of viruses but not all kinds of viruses. If you have some sensitive data on your computer or if you are running a business then Malwarebytes is not suggested. It has many features like other antiviruses but it’s one feature makes it really superb and that is parental control. This allows you to keep an eye on your children’ activities like their Facebook walls, usage of webcam and prohibition to unusual or forbidden sites, etc.

It has a very interactive and user-friendly interface that can be easily understood by the users. It provides proper reports, summaries, activity logs, etc. It also has a “Scan Now” button that shows you the way to run the antivirus manually on your PC to save your important and confidential documents. Moving toward the pricing, it is important to know that Malwarebytes is easily affordable and can be purchased easily by all kinds of users like from lower class to middle class. It provides proper support through user guides, forums, official social media pages, and support area.


There are many other names in the internet and cyber security industry, but we after thoroughly researched each anti-virus came up with these 5 best anti-malware software in which Bitdefender is the best among all.

Let us know your experiences with these anti-viruses suites in the comments 🙂

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