Top 5 Windows Emulator in 2020

Windows Emulator need is increasing rapidly with each passing year and we talked about some of the most famous and perfect Windows Emulators that work in a fantastic way. Basically, they provide proper ways and frequent help for some of the reasons like running Android applications on windows, testing games and working on productivity. Whether you are a developer or a general consumer, any person who likes to work on desktops always goes for emulators. If he has Windows installed in his PC then he goes for Windows emulators. Today, we are going to talk about some of the reliable Windows emulators today with you to let you know about their importance and suitability.

BLUESTACKS Window Emulator

Windows Emulator

Bluestacks is the oldest android emulator for PC that works extraordinarily interesting. It was founded in 2011 and nearly 130 million people used this program and many of them are still using. This emulator provides a proper platform to both developers and general consumers to use different applications as well as play games via this emulator. It is easy for a person to use WhatsApp on this emulator. It provides a proper pace and a great gaming zone area where multiple games can be played at a time which is quite interesting. Even, one game with multiple steps can be played at a time. This is not wrong to say that this is the most effective emulator for Windows on the internet.

Moreover, it works on Windows and Mac both which is quite interesting as it helps both kinds of consumers in the best way to take advantage of it. It provides in the case of productivity as well but if a developer finds something better than this emulator in case of productivity then he can go with it. The reason is that Bluestacks gets stopped sometimes. This emulator gets hanged and becomes a little bit irritating at the start of loading the application.

Download: BLUESTACKS Windows Emulator

ANDY Window Emulator

Windows Emulator

ANDY is the most suitable emulator that emerged through the latest technology. This helps tremendously to the developers mostly. If you are a developer and wish to work on productivity then ANDY is the good option. It provides proper facilitation for the production processes with the newest upgrades. If you use ANDY, you will keep on receiving updates every now and then as its team works perfectly awesome to maintain it in the most presentable way. It basically divides your cellular phone and PC frame with a proper boundary. It is a reliable medium of testing most of the android applications if you are testing the applications before their launch.

This emulator helps speedily and does not irritate the developer. It provides the PC similarity function as well and complete library to help its users. Its library is quite simple and informative that allows every person like from a developer to the general consumer to get the best of the knowledge from it. You can easily use this program on your private PC and test many applications, games, and everything that you wish to test before its launch. Undoubtedly, this latest technology is winning the hearts of the consumers speedily in the market.

Download: ANDY Windows Emulator

NOX Window Emulator

NOX is the oldest emulator of the time when even the android was not even launched. Its distributors are electronic arts. It was made and first distributed in 2000. It was the first android based emulator that used to work for Windows platform only. Although this is the oldest emulator it comes on 3rd position due to the lack of some important features, proper speed and little bit less user-friendly environment. Many users really like the interface as well. It is generally used for gaming purposes.

Like, it is easy to play games at a time or play one game with multiple steps. It comes with proper additions and utilities that help out a gamer very well to use it. It’s a quite fun and joy that a gamer can freely and happily play games on it by assigning several tasks to the arrow keys or via keyboard or joystick.  It works really well for productivity as well. If you are a developer and wish to discover something or invent an application or a game then you may go with this technology. This emulator understands the needs and requirements of a gamer and a developer.

Download: NOX Windows Emulator

GenyMotion Window Emulator

Windows Emulator

GenyMotion is also a popular and familiar emulator that is liked by many people in the world. Whether you are a consumer or a developer, you will absolutely love working via this emulator due to its speed. Its speed is really impressive and it does not irritate its users by getting hanged several times. However, it requires a virtual machine to work but it works in a tremendous way. You need to cover up the steps of its installation but once you install it, you will automatically enjoy its features and speed. It is currently available for Windows, Linux, and Mac which is quite helpful for most of the consumers and developers.

Also, it is suitable for productivity due to its speed other than many other emulators. GenyMotion always comes in the last of top emulators or best emulators. This emulator got its position in just some years only. GenyMotion also supports the testing of each and every kind of android application and game. It is a good platform for testing the games as it provides comfort to the developer who plays the game as a consumer before the launch of the product.

Download: GenyMotion Windows Emulator

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REMIX OS Windows Emulator

Windows Emulator

Remix OS is also the latest kind of emulator that is suitable for the Windows platform. It works so fast and proves to be a good option for gamers and developers. Developers can easily go for productivity with the help of this emulator. It really helps a gamer to play several games easily in this emulator. It is just not a technical emulator but a helpful platform which allows you to play every kind of game on it without any disturbance like hanging, getting slow, etc. It has key mapping tools that help various consumers to enable the touch screen control on the computer. It helps a person to easily use the application for Android applications, games, and productivity.

It is easy to download this emulator. You can do so by downloading a file in the job place. Overall, it is not a difficult task and can be handled very easily. Its team works properly in sending its updates every year and this continuous effort can take it to a better position in the near future.

Download: REMIX OS Windows Emulator


We have seen many types of emulators in this article. We actually compared 5 emulators and we found that Bluestacks is the best. It has all the qualities like it is old, understand the consumers in the best way, user-friendly interface, a proper game zone, a helpful testing zone for Android applications, etc. GenyMotion and ANDY are performing very well in the market too. These emulators are very good at speed but they need to be more user-friendly in the future. NOX is the oldest one emulator and doing well as well in the market. It needs to use more technological and modern features in itself. Remix OS is performing very well and serious as well as continuous efforts can take it to the top position in the rankings of the best Windows emulators.

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