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(Last updated on September 15th, 2019)

Are you looking for an in-depth comparison between Bitdefender and Norton? Are you going to buy any one of them? Are you looking for the best option among two?
If your answer to above questions is “YES”, then you are definitely at the right place.

Bitdefender and Norton, both are top notch anti-viruses and well-known names in the anti-malware industry. It is often difficult to decide which one is the best. I prepared an infographics as shown below for those, who don’t have much time to read the whole comparison and want to make quick decision based on our findings.

Bitdefender Vs Norton

Short Answer: From the review Bitdefender vs. Norton, we can conclude that Bitdefender is better in terms of security and additive advantages over Norton. Market research clearly indicates that more internet users are selecting Bitdefender over Norton.


This in-depth comparison between “Bitdefender vs. Norton” provides an in-depth review of the different aspects of these two anti-viruses. As Bitdefender and Norton are a familiar name in anti-malware industries. But who hold side to side dominance more than the other one in the industry? They might not be the most competitive antiviruses in the industry. But play a substantial role against the anti-malware campaign. Bit defender which is serviced by Bitdefender LLC Incorporation started its operation way back in 2001.

While Norton serviced by Symantec Corporation was started in 1991. They both are operating for durations of 17 and 27 years respectively.  This puts Norton to be older and experienced in the anti-malware industry more than Bit defender. This comparison “Bitdefender vs. Norton” will make your concepts clearer regarding the most suitable antivirus suite.

But does this make it more popular than Bit defender? Does it control wider market or exhibit higher degree of malware protection and detection efficiency without false flags? And who might be better placed to secure computer system? Digital life we live in is becoming more complex from time to time.

It goes without saying that systems security and privacy are at stake.  Close to 35,000 new samples of malware are registered in every single day in accordance to AV-test Institute. It means more dynamic anti-malware are needed. Hence, better placement of one antivirus in any aspect will place the other one in a lower position.

Bitdefender Vs Norton – Popularity & Market Dominance

In the quest for popularity and market dominance among “Bitdefender vs. Norton”, Bitdefender has soundly beaten Norton registering almost twice Norton ’s market shares globally.

According to OPSWAT report published in April 2018, Bitdefender showed to have a global dominance of 10.65 %. While Norton formed 3.64% of total shares in the global anti-malware industry. It clearly indicates that Bitdefender has higher market penetration. It is a factor that shows its global subscription toll to over 500 million users. While Norton lags behind commanding lower market with greater control of North American markets. And its subscribers adding up to over 200million subscriber; 300million far below that of Bitdefender.

Bitdefender vs. Norton

Despite huge market shares, Norton showed higher revenue of close to $4.09billion. While  Bitdefender has far much low revenue totaling $139 million annually for the financial year 2017. An irony considering Bitdefender’s high market shares and number of its users worldwide. Despite all this, the two anti-malware giants seem to have lower combined market shares in relative to other industries commanding a total of 14.29% of the total global market shares in the antivirus development industry.

The greater market control can be tied to multiple tiers posed by Bitdefender. It also includes an extremely long list of functionalities possessed by multiple tiers in a combined form. Of course, a wider product range provides the wider selection to end users. While Norton is made up of four main tiers; Basic, standard and premium levels which provide five principal functions to the end user and revolving around security matters,. It is as opposed to Bitdefender that has 7 packages providing more than 15 functions.

Bitdefender Vs Norton – Pricing and Plans

The whole comparison “Bitdefender vs. Norton” important point is the pricing and plans. Since the customer market for this product is usually highly volatile and varies significantly from one developer to another which is based on several factors. Bit defender products vary from $ 39.99 to $69.99 while that of Norton varies from $29.99 to $54.99 considering all 2018 versions for different tiers or packages of each.

From the look of things, it can obviously be deduced that Norton is much cheaper compared to bit defender which is not the case. In all bit defender packages, the user enjoys the privilege of sharing a single license to multiple end user as opposed to Norton since it has a minimum of 3 and can go up to 10 users per license in the package purchased. It is a factor that provides a good competitive advantage to end users especially those servicing wider computers.

Thus, this makes Bitdefender a better economic anti-malware version ideal for large offices and enterprises. In addition, this antivirus also provides a well serviced free version that forms the baseline for wooing more end user to join the network. As it provides a room for malware detection efficiency testing before one may even make the decision to purchase a customer package.

Probably a reason that may explain the low revenue for the company despite huge subscribers list and large market share as compared to Norton. This because more people may seem to be satisfied with free version protection rather than service or paid package. For this reason, Norton finds wide usage of single license user as the number of users per license means more cost and the vice versa is true in Bitdefender.

Being an application software like any other computer applications such as MS office, a web browsing application, music apps etc. These systems also need computer resource to operate as they execute their set purposes. Thus the antivirus software has to operate in the background as they keep guard the system from malware attacks among other related threats.

They have to consume substantial computer-resources and freely integrate themselves with other application to ensure fewer effects on other application. It even consumes extremely low memory. In this line, low resource demanding antivirus is preferred to ensure the system remains in steady operations as well as it guarded. Most experienced system effects may include slowing down other assigned task such as file movements, download, and upload rates, web browsing etc.

Bitdefender Vs Norton – AV Comparison Testing

AV Comparison Testing is an important aspect of the “Bitdefender vs. Norton” review. As per AV comparative testing, three levels are assigned to anti-virus depending on the level of effects to the system, that is ADVANCED+, ADVANCED and Standard level. Advanced level forms the friendliest level with less effect to the PC while the standard level rated anti-malware have huge impacts on the system.

According to AV  comparatives test carried in April 2018, Bit defender was placed in ADVANCED+ level with a score of 6.9 while Norton(Symantec) was placed on the second level; ADVANCED tier(Second level with 2-star rating) with a score of 6. This shows that Norton’s security is resource intensive and will demand higher resources as opposed to Bitdefender.

As a result, the system will affect the system deviation from the normal factor that will account for its low system integration ability. Right away from installation, Bit defender shows great simplicity in its execution time. The more the file size the more time the PC requires to access the source files and more space it requires to read the executable files. A typical set up for bit defender has a disk space of 276MB as opposed to Norton that requires a free disk space of 331MB during initial set up installation.

More disk space translates to higher resource demand and calls for more time to execute them.

Bitdefender Vs Norton – Interface

The “Bitdefender vs. Norton” comparison another main aspect is the interface. Despite the huge difference is space consumption both Norton and Bit defender have a simple interface with ease of use and feature apart from slowing down operation mechanism. They have no such system which has no effects to human-machine interface display systems though it a factor that may vary from one end user to another depending on preference, choice and display selection.

While the Bitdefender interface is dark and modern, in shades of black and light grey with a vertical menu on the left which consists of the following tabs: Protection, Privacy, Tools, Activity, Notifications, Account, Settings, and Support Norton’s window has only protection window upon opening with toggle menu aside for other functionalities such as Security, performance, more about Norton etc.

Well, does high bulk system imply that the same system which has higher anti-malware detection or protection efficiency? Does it leave behind some traces of Trojan or it can offer extreme blocking to Trojan, worms and virus species? Higher efficiencies and blocking levels provide perfect security to the system and will render the anti-virus more effective bearing that this is the most fundamental responsibility of this software.

However, efficiency test is not readily available at everyone’s disposal and highly relies AV-test and AV-comparatives to ascertain the rate of the system of malware protection. this system also serves to test how this system can block malware without raising false alarms, that is flag malware free file as an infected file during security scans.

“Bitdefender vs. Norton” review was considerably based on the AV-Test and AV-Comparatives, independent security labs that deeply evaluate various top antivirus products, including Bitdefender and Norton. Recent Tests evaluations between March to April 2018 aimed at evaluating the two software efficiencies on windows 10 operating system. All participating products were tested against 196 samples of zero-day malware, a newer spice of malware and 5,484 samples of widespread malware (also called old malware) over both months were considered.

Bitdefender Vs Norton – Protection

Both Bitdefender and Norton blocked 100% of both types of malware samples in both months, registering excellent 6 out of 6-star ratings in the ‘protection’ category which show that both software has strong anti-malware blocking effaces at a glance.

This “Bitdefender vs. Norton” comparison also based on the two main tests that AV-Comparatives conducted which were Real-World Protection Test and Malware Protection Test. The latter test comprehensively evaluates a product’s ability to prevent malware infections.

Whereas, the former test exposes a product against real-world malware conditions (as experienced by everyday users). AV-Comparatives most recent Real-World Protection Test Report listed aggregated results of the tests conducted over the period of five months from February to June 2018.

While I was doing a comparison between “Bitdefender vs. Norton”, Bitdefender received the highest ADVANCED+ award from the security institute. It is due to its near-perfect protection rate of 99.8% and displayed only 2 false alarms.

Norton, on the other hand, also registered an impressive protection rate of 99.8%. Though it displayed a very high count of false alarm totaling to 32. This shows that Norton is bound to very high false flags as compared to Bitdefender. Such false alarms create false impressions and unnecessary worries of systems. It attacks a factor that made it only manage the second-best ADVANCED level award.

Bitdefender Vs Norton – Real-Time Malware Protection

Another test conducted in March 2018 in which Bitdefender once again put up an impressive show with a perfect 100% protection rate. It just has two false positives and maintained its rank with highest ADVANCED+ honor. On the other hand, Norton’s protection rate dropped to a near-perfect rate of 99.9%. It has false flags increased by 58 from down 32 to 90 flags. Thus settling from third best level, Standard awards, a poor show from second ADVANCED award received by the earlier test.

This does not place Bit defender as the most prolific malware fighter. But as consistency product that shows improvements with time as opposed to its counterpart that records sequential drops over a given time.


From the review Bitdefender vs. Norton, we can conclude that Bitdefender is better in terms of security and additive advantages over Norton. Market research clearly indicates that more internet users are selecting Bitdefender over Norton. It is because of the well-explained reasons above. Interested in getting any of them? Get it here:

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