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In my previous article “Free Instagram Follower”, I mentioned the companies which are offering free Instagram followers instantly but with limited in numbers. In this post, I compiled those websites and companies which are offering bulk quantities of Instagram followers at really low cost. After conducting thorough research, these are the five best companies to buy Instagram followers which all are real. Nowadays, Instagram is the biggest platform to promote your business and get impression from across the world which ultimately turn into happy customers. I often find myself confused while growing my Instagram followers as it seems difficult. Then I got to know that there are certain companies which offer free and paid Instagram followers because of its huge social database or their understanding with the Instagram algorithm. In both ways, this turned out to be the best way to increase the Instagram followers.


The best company in the market of buying Instagram followers is the iDigic, which provide instant delivery, high quality profiles and customer satisfaction. They have trial and paid version. But as we are talking about buying Instagram followers, so here we are only considering the buying options. They do have variety of packages from which you can select as per your needs. Below I took the screenshot of their packages:

Buying Instagram Followers

2. Buzzoid

At number 2 place, I ranked Buzzoid as this company provides two different type of followers which are generic and targeted followers as per your Instagram niche account. They have variety of packages from which you can select and the minimum starts from $2.97 in which you can get 100 followers instantly.


They have massive ranges to buy from but we always recommend to test it with the lowest purchases before moving on towards the bigger purchases with targeted approach. Interested in buying Instagram followers? You can get it here:

3. Famoid

At number 3 place, I ranked Famoid as they claimed to deliver almost 40 million followers so far. This is one of the oldest companies to provide Instagram followers and we can say the most reliable as well. They are offering instant delivery with variety of packages. Famoid is premium follower provider in other social applications too. But here, we are only focusing on buying Instagram followers.

Buying Instagram Followers

You can place the order via PAYPAL and we recommend you to initiate the purchase with the smallest package first. Interested in buying Instagram Followers? Get it here:

4. BuzzDays

BuzzDays is claiming to get Instagram rapid followers at very affordable cost. As per them, you can get boost your Instagram followers within a day just by purchasing their services. They are offering money back guarantee and the followers which they’ll provide will be 100% unique and real. Below I took the screenshot from their official website highlighting different packages.

BuzzDays Instagram Followers

As you see, they have 6 different packages ranging from Micro to Premium. We recommend you to initiate the purchase with the Micro package to test the depth. Once you are satisfied with the performance, you can go for the bigger purchases. Interested in buying Instagram followers? You can get it here:

5. Instaboostgram

At instaboostgram, you can buy active Instagram followers at relatively affordable cost. They have difference packages for every type of purchaser. Below I took the screenshot from their official website which shows different packages.

Free Instagram Followers

They have also highlighted their most popular selling tool in which you’ll get 5000 Instagram followers in just $35.99. Interested in getting this? You can get it here:

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In this research, we presented the best 5 websites and companies which eventually could assist you in buying decent Instagram followers. We spent valuable time and resources to gather this research, would love to hear it back from your side if you know any other websites in the comments section!

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