Free Clash of Clans Account

Free Clash of Clans Account

About Clash of Clans

In this era, who does not want to play video games? People just love playing video games and more people are interested in getting the free clash of clans account. Clash of Clans is one of the most popular video game on internet that people just love to play. This video game can be played by mobile phones, tablets and PCs. Clash of the Clans was actually released by “Supercell” who is a Finnish game developer. Clash of Clans was first introduced for iOS users only on August 2, 2012. Later on, it got introduced for Android smartphone users as well on October 7, 2013. Today, both kinds of users (Apple and Android) can easily play this game via their smartphones. According to the latest report, this game has been downloaded for more than 100 million times via Google Play Store and number of downloads from the Apple Store is still not announced.

Free Clash of Clans Account

Clash of Clans Account and About the Game:

If you wish to play the clash of clans then you must have enough knowledge about it. We all know that playing games on beginner level is really irritating. Every player likes to play video games on advanced levels. Almost 50 people can easily participate at a time to play this game from different regions. It is very easy for the people to talk to each other while playing this game. There are some primary resources that are required to play this game like dark elixir, gold and elixir. While playing games, it is easy for the gamers to create clans. Gamers are also allowed to give and receive troops. We are providing you an opportunity to create free clash of clans’ accounts from the premium accounts with valid email address and password. You have the opportunity to play any city hall from all 1 to 11 halls without completing any level because all the count is the actual free town hall option. Many people face tough situations while playing games. Like, they stay on beginner levels due to some unusual mistakes but they really wish to play on higher levels. Both iPhone and Android smartphone users bear these issues. If your base is weak then there is a clear chance that you can be defeated by the low level enemies while playing Clash of Clans.

Getting Free Clash of Clans Account

If you a real lover of Clash of Clans then you need to pay some money to get the Clash of Clans premium account. This account helps you to get much more features like playing higher levels of the games and getting part in the server. This really provides ultimate benefits to the players. If you cannot play this small amount of money then you may also get a free Clash of Clans account. It is true that having the paid premium account has its own perks and happiness but free Clash of Clans account does not disappoint a lot.

Creating Free Clash of Clans Premium Account

1.      If you wish to buy the premium account then you may do it by doing some simple steps:

·         You need to create a new account on Gmail.

·         Install the application via Google Play Store or Apple Store to play the game.

·         Get connected to the Google play games.

·         Just get connected to the clan game and get ready to feel and experience the action.

2.      If you wish to create a free Clash of Clans Premium account then you may follow these steps. Please note that there are two methods by which you can get the free Clash of Clans Premium Account for free. You may choose any of the methods according to your own choice.

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a) Free Clash of Clans Account through Username and Password

If you wish to play the Clash of Clans by using username and password then you can get many usernames and passwords from internet. Please make sure that you select and use the correct usernames and passwords. You may find some usernames and passwords useless. Here, username means email address. You will find tons of email addresses and usernames here to get the Clash of Clans Premium Account for free. All these email addresses belong to Gmail. You will not find other email addresses that are related to some other companies like Outlook, Yahoo etc. Make sure that you select the right email addresses. These email addresses allow you to play Clash of Clans for unlimited times and many unpredictable features but still, you will not find every feature workable. By entering to the game through username and password, you will find many options to play the game in a better way. You will find many higher levels and opportunities to discover and win. After getting the free Clash of Clans Premium Account, you will find that you have got a lot of tendency to win this game. You will be able to use strong powers, opportunities and ways to build your city. It will be difficult for the enemies to defeat you by getting free Clash of Clans Premium Account. Clash of Clans is a very exciting game that can be played by all kinds of iPhone and Android users. Both kinds of users can easily use these email addresses and passwords. Like iPhone users can easily use Gmail usernames and passwords to get the free Clash of Clans Premium Account. But please remember one thing that do not change the password while playing the game.

b) Free Clash of Clans Account through MOD APK

We have one more way to play the Clash of Clans for free. We learnt about getting the free Clash of Clans Premium Account through username and password. Now, we are going to play the Clash of Clans by using MOD APK. It is true that Clash of Clans has been downloaded more than 100 million times. It has a lot of Apple and Android users but this second process is applicable to only Android users. You just need to download the APK and get the free account of Clash of Clans. This APK is actually modified by

There are several steps to launch this APK. We would like to write the step-by-step process:

  1. Download Clash of Clans Premium APK.
  2. Just go to the Parameter -> Security Settings -> Unknown Source
  3. After this, install the Clash of Clans game on your Android device.
  4. Open the installed application and enjoy this game without logging into your account.
  5. You can easily play any city hall by using APK.

It is easy for Android users to play the Clash of Clans through MOD version. It helps to receive unlimited resources and gems. It is very easy to maximize the Townhall 11 in just few minutes by using these resources.


You have the options to create free accounts through any of the ways which we have mentioned above but playing free Clash of Clans through paid account has its own perks and happiness. It really provides a lot of support, resources and chances to play the higher levels of Clash of Clans and build the Townhall in the best way.

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