Free Instagram Followers

Free Instagram Followers

(Last updated on 26th June, 2019)

Nowadays, Instagram is the biggest platform to promote your business and get the impression from across the world which ultimately turns into happy customers. I often find myself confused while growing my Instagram followers as it seems difficult. Then I got to know that there are certain companies which offer free Instagram followers because of its huge social database or their understanding with the Instagram algorithm. In both ways, this turned out to be the best way to increase Instagram followers for free.

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I prepared and gathered the list of websites in this article which are offering free Instagram followers to the users at no cost or even reasonably lower cost.

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Skweezer is the company which tops the list in delivering free Instagram followers to its users. They have an offer of getting 50 free Instagram followers in their trial period. You just need to fill the below-mentioned details for getting the 50 free followers:
Free Instagram Followers - Skweezer

Once you are done with the trail, you can switch to their paid plan. However, if you don’t need the paid plan, you’ll still have your 50 free followers. So no worries!

Skweezer is also providing the following advanced features:

  • Real Instagram followers
  • Automated Instagram Likes
  • Instagram Views

Though they are in the paid subscription you won’t regret it spending on this service as it is the most authentic site for getting free Instagram followers.

The Best Followers is the second company which is offering 100 Free Instagram Followers. They previously offered this service in 4$ but now they are offering it for free just to get their users best experience in the marketplace. I took the snapshot from their website below on how to get 100 Free Instagram Followers:

free instagram followers

Here the question is why we should use their services instead of others? As per my observations, these are the points which stand them apart from their customers:

  • They are offering 30 days of money back guarantee. So it means you don’t need to get worried while purchasing it as if you don’t satisfy with their Free Instagram Followers, you can always cancel the plan.
  • They are taking the payment from PAYPAL and hence you don’t need to get worried about any scam as PAYPAL itself is secure payment platform.
  • They have their 24/7 backup support and it’ll surely help you in case if you have any query.
  • They deliver the service in less than 24 hours. So it’s fast!

Another good thing about them is their relatively cheap prices. I again took the screenshot from their website:

free instagram followers

So you can see their price range from 13 to 129 pounds. So isn’t it better?

Mr. Insta is another name decent name in this market. The company claims to have 1million active users and around 47 billion Instagram followers that they claimed to generate for its users. The company itself came into existence in 2013. It has the vision to provide free Instagram followers to its users. They have the four steps plan for getting Free Instagram Followers:

The good thing about this service is that they are offering Instagram followers and likes in classes. Such as: getting free Instagram followers from the USA, buying Instagram followers from India, etc.

Social Enabler  is the company which claims to give 50,000 free Instagram followers to its user. The company after its existence claim to learn Instagram algorithm and how to get any page at the top to get the most attraction.

For getting the free Instagram followers from this company, there are three simple steps as shown below:

Free Instagram Followers

Gram Blast is the company which offers 50 Free Instagram Followers just by providing them with your Instagram handle. This company is new and doesn’t have many active users. But certainly the company is growing and soon it’ll flourish with more active users and purchases.

Free Instagram Followers

They are offering 100 Instagram followers in just 1.99$. They are also offering various different services ranging from free Instagram followers to free Instagram likes.  They also have paid programs which include buying Instagram videos, buying Instagram likes and many more.

iDigic is the company which offers 10 Free Instagram Followers. They have got 5 stars rating based on the 477 happy customers. Starting with their trail is as easy as shown below:

Free Instagram Followers

They also provide 24/7 support to its customers.

It’s your choice how much you want to spend on your Instagram followers but they are genuine follower providers.


In this review, I have shown you different companies which are offering Free Instagram Followers. During their trial periods, they offer a limited number of followers. For getting more followers, you can then switch to their paid plans. Most of the companies have 24/7 support. You can write to them at any time whenever you find any trouble utilizing their services. There are other companies too in the market that offer free Instagram followers. But there is a big question mark on their legitimacy and they might put your Instagram account on risk. So I would recommend you to use any of the above services for getting both free Instagram followers and likes. I personally use Skweezer because of its excellent support and free great interface. I did not lose a single follower from the day I joined their Free Instagram Follower tool.

Should have any query feel free to write it in the comments section below and I would definitely respond at the earliest.

Enjoy your Free Instagram Followers and promote your business.

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  2. I can’t believe that there are over a billion people on Instagarm and they’re still as clueless today as they were when it first came out as to how to even use and market on there… Do you have a post on engagement you can refer me?

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