Scribens Review | (2019 Updated)


Scribens is a freeware algorithm which allows to check grammar and correct more than 250 types of grammar, spelling and stylistics errors.

The software claims to work 10x better than the Microsoft Word. Scribens works on the sophisticated syntaxical algorithm which detects the most subtle errors in the text.

According to Scribens, the algorithm is easy to use and checks the grammar of your texts and find spelling mistakes.

I checked their sample for Grammar and other writing related errors.


It shows the following results:


According to SimilarWeb, there are almost 1.04 Million visitors per month on Scribens with the average duration of 01:35 minutes from each visitor. It shows that people are trusting them and spending time on their tool to check their documents for Grammar.  

Scribens Features

This Grammar checking tool have following features:

  • Grammar Check
  • Dictionaries
  • Grammar Rules
  • Extensions & API

Attached is the snapshot from their website:


Scribens PROS

  • Easy User Interface
  • Powerful Free English Grammar Checker
  • Better than Microsoft Word
  • Offers Writing and Styling Tools

Furthermore, it gives the online proofreading feature which supports with correction, explanations and extensions. In the writing tools, it offers style, statistics and dictionaries.

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Scribens CONS

  • Inaccuracy in Grammar Checking
  • Absence of Plagiarism Checker
  • Absence of Multilingual feature (You need to use different extension in case if you are interested in checking Grammar of any other language).

Scribens Pricing

It a freeware tool which can be used by everyone at no cost. It’s the most awesome feature which they offer as students have limited resources and every student can’t pay for online grammar checking tools. So in this way, this Grammar Checking tool is better and follows with the saying “Something is better than nothing”.

Scriben Contact

You can contact directly to their representatives with the form submission that they have on their website. Attached is the screenshot of the form I submitted to them.


As you can see from the above snapshot that the message was successfully delivered to the destination and Scribens representative also contacted me via email. They don’t have live chat support. However, as it’s a free tool you can’t expect them to provide you this service as well.


Should we use Scribens? It depends on your circumstances. If you are not willing to pay the Premium fee of other Grammar correction tools then you should go for Scribens. As all the free versions of Grammar checking tools are almost same. Obviously you can’t compare this Grammar checking tool with the Grammarly Premium version as Grammarly Premium is far better than Scribens free Grammar checker tool.

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