How Good Is Vipre Internet Security

How Good is VIPRE Internet Security

There is the question in the antivirus industry which often people ask “How Good is VIPRE Internet Security?”. Vipre is one of the most popular and most helpful antiviruses that helps really great to support its customers. It is available for both Windows and Mac users. It helps to guard your profile, passwords and emails. Vipre has the ability to stop all kinds of malware attacks, spyware, ransomware, threats and other problematic adware. It keeps you updated and provides ultimate as well as random security check. It does automatic security check and does not want you to do all alone. Although, it provides a pace to go for manual security check up as well. This antivirus did extremely well in AV test as well and proved itself to be one of the best antiviruses ever launched. Vipre is a real achievement for its team and its true customers who understand its importance and usage. This is a complete solution that sorts out your every issue related to your privacy on internet.


Vipre is one of the fantastic antiviruses that have a lot of power to detect all kinds of threats. It is able to discover and stop the most dangerous threats. Vipre did very well in AV test and won the “advanced+” award which is the highest achievement in the race of antiviruses. It detected very well with more than 99% of accurate results. It detects the viruses from your PCs and alerts you from the upcoming threats. It has the ability to detect and take action against the webcam and microphone snooping. Vipre itself claims about its perfect AV test results on its official website. It has a strong firewall that secures your PC and everything like your profile, emails etc. and if it finds any virus then it cleans it on the spot very smartly and inform you later after completing the process. It is a reliable antivirus.

Vipre scored 5.5 out of 6.0 in the latest test conducted by AV-Test.

How Good is Vipre Internet Security?
Source: AV-TEST

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It is very easy to use and comes with a reliable user interface. It user interface can easily be understood by any kind of computer use. It is quite user friendly and simple. It has all the features that are required to make you understand its real importance. Its design, style and every tab has been designed very uniquely. It takes very limited resources of your computer to work in the smartest way. It never slows down your computer. It does not interfere in your operations and never disturbs when it runs. It never damages your important data. If you are really looking for an antivirus in which you want both kinds of specialties like using limited system resources and having simple user interface then Vipre is the most recommended option from us.

According to latest AV-Test, VIPRE score 6.0 out of 6.0 in the software usability section.

How Good Is Vipre Internet Security?
Source: AV-TEST


Like every antivirus, it also comes with a lot of features like strong firewall, real time protection, personal profile protection, webcam and microphone blocker, anti-tracking, login credential removal, software security updates, certified antivirus protection, ransomware protection, cloud-enabled security and anti-spam protection. It appears with a lot of discounts as well according to the different packages. Although, it is important to know that this antivirus does not come with parental controls which is one of the most important features of an antivirus. It helps parents in a real way to secure their children whenever they use internet. This features helps to stop webcam and microphone snooping, Facebook wall attacks and strictly works against prohibited websites. All these features are quite helpful in securing anyone’s internet life. It has powerful and unique features that help its clients in a different way as compared to other antiviruses.


Vipre has 3 different packages for different kinds of users. It has different forms of license, subscription charges and no. of users’ acceptance policy per subscription. It has 3 different packages named as:

  1. Vipre Identity Shield, its actual price is $29.99 but it can be availed at $23.99 after getting 20% discount. This package has limited features and many features are missing in it. If you are not doing any important task on your computer or you are just a gamer then you may go with this package.
  2. Vipre Advanced Security, its actual price is $54.99 but it can be availed at $43.99 after getting 20% discount. This package has many important features. It provides proper and very reliable security to the customers but it lacks some important features too like real time protection, webcam protection, personal profile protection, login credentials removal and anti-tracking. All these features are really helpful. If you stay at social media platforms a lot then you should not go with this package and you should go with the third one, the most advanced package.
  3. Vipre Security Bundle, its actual price is $84.98 but it can be availed at $55.24 after getting 35% discount. It has all the features and it should be used by those people who are social media marketers or stay engaged with different social media platforms. It is beneficial for those people as well who work like freelancers or entrepreneurs or simple users on Skype to stay engaged with different clients.


Vipre is just great in terms of providing customer support to its customers. It provides all kinds of support to its customers like email support, phone support, fill a form online and contacting to the sales department directly via their official website. You can also subscribe them to receive their frequent newsletters. Although, it lacks some sorts of support like virtual assistant support, social media support and chat system support. It also does not support ticket support system.

VIPRE Support


Vipre provides both home and business solutions. If you are just a simple computer use and do not have a lot to do then Home is a good option. If you use your computer at home then Home product is a better solution but if you are running a business from small to large scale then Business product is preferable. It has two different departments for Home and Business to provide full support and help to the related customer. You will find both products very beneficial according to their work requirements and work-scale.


How Good Is Vipre Internet Security? This question can also be answered in views of its customer base. Vipre has gained a lot of trust in the market. Many businesses from small to large scale used this product and found it very convincing and helpful.

1. According to the AV test, Vipre was listed as the top product of 2018 and 2019.

2. AV comparatives awarded Vipre with “advanced+ award”.

3. Amazon Web Services work as partner network with Vipre.

4. CRN worked in the form of “Partner Program Guide” in the year 2018.

5. Virus Bulletin gave it 100 marks.

6. Stevie awarded Vipre with Customer Service Bronze 2018 award.

These are some of the special achievements of Vipre. People trust this product and love it due to its reliability and advanced standard.


So the question “How Good is Vipre Internet Security?” is answered in this review. Vipre has a lot of potential and it is a great consumer choice. Many people in the world use this product for their home and office solutions. Its overall results are great and interesting as it provides proper malware detection and its suspension to more than 99%. We highly recommend our visitors to take a look at this antivirus and use this if they do not have children and do not need parental controls. Except parental controls, it has everything.

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