How Good Is Windows Defender in 2020?

Let’s talk about the Windows Defender today. Windows Defender seems to be the most active and super fast antivirus on our system but does it really behave so? Microsoft puts forward a lot of changes in their products and the same case occurred with Windows Defender.

How good is Windows Defender?


Let’s start first with the AV test. AV-test is the biggest organization in the world in terms of comparing and checking the antiviruses from every aspect. It gives ethical, logical and practical knowledge about several antiviruses. According to AV test, Windows Defender performs very well now. It detects several viruses, malware, spyware, adware, ransomware, threats, Trojans, worms, rootkits, and several malicious attacks in a remarkable way. Unbelievably, Windows Defender performed its level best and got 6 marks out of 6 in the latest results released by Av-Test.

Windows Defender Protection

Windows Defender achieved the highest achievement award that is known as “advanced+” by the organization for its incredible performance. Windows Defender still has 3% compromise rate which is not a good thing but it improved a lot and it feels like this compromise rate will vanish soon. It is not recommended to install Windows Defender only to protect your system and not downloading and purchasing other antiviruses. It is not a wise decision. However, you can install Windows Defender as an extra layer of protection to your PC and there is nothing wrong in it.

According to AV-Test, Windows Defender got 6.0 out of 6.0 points in the performance testing on computer speed in daily usage is shown below.

How good is Windows Defender?

The software also managed to secure 6.0 out of 6.0 points in the software usability department.

How good is Windows Defender?

Now, let’s move towards its interface to learn more about it.


Its user interface is quite simple and user-friendly. It provides proper reports, summaries, scan results, and updates. It has proper 3 to 4 tabs on your screen (depending upon your latest version of Windows Defender present on your PC). If you wish to check that whether Windows Defender is working or not then you need to click on the Settings which can be seen easily under Update & Security of Windows Defender. Please note that if you are using Windows 8 or 8.1 on your system then you are supposed to find this option on System and Security tab of the Control Panel. You will absolutely find certain options from these guidelines.


Updating antivirus is really important. Although Windows Defender scans itself it is highly recommended that you first update your antivirus manually before running it manually on your system. It sometimes appears with a lot of issues or bugs solved. It even appears with proper updates and new features as well. So you always need to update it first before running it (if you find any notification to update it).

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Windows Defender provides 3 main kinds of scans. Basically, this is versatile in nature and provides every kind of facility that it can. Let’s understand its 3 kinds of scans:

1.      Quick Scan:

Quick Scan provides an ultimate chance to the users to scan the entire PC in just a few seconds or minutes. This is the most important kind of scan that has limited features but helps its users to scan the PC as much as the antivirus can. You just need to start the Quick Scan manually and wait for its process. Its user interface and the process is really easy that can be easily understood by any person. It is recommended to do Quick Scan every day as it does not take a look of time and resources like shutting down your computer automatically or deleting the files, slowing down the computer or damaging the files, etc.

2.      Full Scan

The full-time scan requires a lot of time and this is the longest period. In all 3 kinds of the scan, the full scan takes a lot of time because it scans your every drive, every file, every source and everything that is found in your computer. It is a slow process and it takes hours. It is recommended to go for this can for once in a month or twice in a month. It is mandatory and very helpful. If you are thinking that if you do Quick Scan every day then you do not need Full Scan at all then you are wrong. Whether you go for Quick Scan once in a month or every day or not but you need to go for Full Scan once, twice or even thrice in a month. It gives a protective layer to your documents.

3.      Custom Scan

Moving toward the Custom Scan, it is a unique and different kind of PC scan method that allows you to scan only a particular file or drive. Like if you feel that you are having some issues on your Local Disk C/downloads/documents then you can simply scan all of them. Basically, it is a special kind of scanning that allows you to scan only particular or selected places of your computer. If you are going for a Quick Scan and still feel that there are some issues on your particular drive or folder then you should go for Custom Scan as well as it thoroughly scans that place with more features. If you are going for Full Scan then you are not supposed to go for Custom Scan on the same day.


If you are using Windows Defender then you must have noticed that Windows Defender has now started giving free periodic status updates. These updates do not mean to disturb you or do not mean to do something. But these updates only inform you about the current situation of your PC, new updates that come with this antivirus, etc. It came in the market along with the official launch of Windows 10. If you do not like to receive such periodic updates then you may easily disable it. It is all up to your preferences. You can also run another antivirus as well along with Windows Defender. Windows Defender is quite supportive in this way.

Best Antivirus Review
Credits: Microsoft


It must be noted wisely that the software does not come with parental controls. It does not have so many strong features that have the ability to keep your child secure from prohibited websites, webcam hacking, and Facebook wall hacking, etc. You need to purchase any extraordinary antivirus to secure your children from any bad experience. However, you can use Windows Defender to provide extra security but depending on Windows Defender solely is quite wrong and dangerous when it comes to the children. Windows Defender needs to update itself with more features and perfection for the safety of children using the internet.


It is important to notice that Windows Defender has done a lot of better in the market with the launch of Windows 10. It has many features and possibilities to keep your PC secure but it lacks many features and a lot of potentials still that anyone cannot solely depend over this antivirus. It does well at many places but it needs improvement on its numerous stages. Overall, you need another strong antivirus along with Windows Defender. Windows Defender provides moderate protection and can be proved an extra layer of protection for your PC along with another antivirus that has almost every feature that is important for you, your family and your work.

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