how to remove malware from android

How to Remove Malware from Android

We prepared this “How to Remove Malware from Android” article for guiding the android users for quick removal of malware attack in their smart phone. If you are finding some hindrances in discovering or detecting the malware in your android device then this article is going to help you out very tremendously. We are also going to help you out in removing the malware from your mobile phones.

How to Remove Malware from Android


In the “How to Remove Malware from Android”, we need to understand the basic phenomena of detecting the virus at first place. Do you know how can you acknowledge that you are having severe malware on your mobile phone? Let us guide you! Although we are happy to have some real security systems on our mobile phones like Play Protect, Security and Antivirus Apps, etc. but still there are chances of getting malware, spyware, ransomware and other viruses on our smartphones. If you feel that your smartphone is using too much data or getting slow down or showing too many unknown ads or draining your battery hurriedly then there are certain chances that your smartphone has become a victim of a malicious attack.

These attacks easily take their place by downloading free software, unusual games, cheat codes, earn-online-money tricks, clicking on inappropriate ads, etc. By doing these stupidities, your most important and personal data can be stolen which is very harmful to you undoubtedly. You need to be very smart while downloading, giving permissions to different applications and clicking on the stuff through your smartphones. We are about to discuss some steps with you that can help you out in saving your smartphone from the viruses and threats.

In this “How to Remove Malware from Android” guide, We prepared 5 essential steps which are required to be taken immediately in case of any malware attack.

Step 1: Shut down your phone completely until you do not find the exact root

You need to completely shut down your phone by pressing the power off button. Once you come to know or you feel like you are having a malicious virus or threat on your phone then just switch off the phone directly without doing anything else right from the “Power Off” button. It is important to know that this step will not save your phone from getting infected through virus etc. but this step will at least slow down the process. There are many things that will come into your fingertips like having time to research on the issue you faced or how to get rid of it or to determine that what was actually happening on your smartphone etc.

Malware Removal from Android

If you want your phone to get rid of the spyware, ransomware, malware, adware or any kind of threat then you need to install an antivirus. This antivirus will help you out to detect the virus. It will even kill the viruses and sort out the damages caused to your devices. But, it is important to note that this step should be taken at the very first point before using any smartphone. Otherwise, it gets risky to kill the viruses and secure the data again.

Step 2: Put your phone to the Safe Mode or Airplane Mode

When you come back to switch on your phone, do not forget to provide safe mode to your phone! You can do it easily by pressing the power off button. When you select that button, you will get many options like Restart, Power off, etc. There you will press the power off option for some seconds and then you will get an option “Reboot to Safe mode”.

Malware Removal from Android

If you find this option then it is the best but if you do not find it then still you may go for another option and that is “Airplane mode”. This mode helps you and saves you from all kinds of malicious networks and even every kind of network gets disconnected. These two options are helpful. You can easily find the airplane mode at the top of your screen under the notifications tab. There are some steps present on your smartphone to help you if you have not installed the antivirus. But if you still get issues after installing the antivirus then you may wipe out your entire smartphone and it will help you out tremendously.

Step 3: Rush toward the Settings option

Now after getting into your phone, you need to rush toward the settings option. You can find the settings option easily on your home screen or just by shifting the screens. It’s a gear-shaped icon.

How to Remove Malware from Android

On settings option, you will find the “Apps” option. You need to click that option and you will automatically find all the applications installed on your smartphone. You can even go with the “App Manager” option as well. You will those applications too which are unwanted and got installed due to malicious attacks. You can easily uninstall, force stop and force close them. By doing this, you will find some applications that are unwanted. But still it is not a complete solution and you may find some unwanted applications hidden. You need to check the icons and names of applications very easily like if you find Googles so it means that it is not a real application named as “Google” and you need to uninstall, force stop and force close it immediately.

Step 4: Delete entire suspicious apps and downloads from your smartphone

You need to choose the Uninstall option and uninstall that every application that you find unwanted. You need to visit your documents and downloads. You will unbelievably find suspicious and malicious viruses and threats over there. You will find many unknown files and downloads there. You need to uninstall them immediately without thinking twice.

Delete virus from Android

Let us tell you one very different thing. You may find some applications where you will not find the “Uninstall” option, you do not need to worry about it because you can see the “Disable” option there. You cannot imagine that many spyware, ransomware, malware, and adware visit your administrator settings and change them according to their requirements. But do not worry, you can fix it easily. You need to go back to the “Settings” option and scroll down to the “Lock Screen” option. You may find the “Phone Device Administrator” option in the Security settings. You may need to visit “Other Security Settings” as well. These steps will easily help you out in getting rid of the malware, spyware, ransomware, adware and other kinds of threats.

Step 5: Do not forget to download a suitable antivirus for your smartphone

Do not forget to download a secure antivirus for your smartphone to stay secure from malicious attacks and threats.

Antivirus protection

You need to be very wise for the next time. There are many recommended antiviruses are available like AVG, Avast, Bitdefender, etc. You can go with any of them and secure your device properly. Plus, never forget to take a security check yourself of your smartphone.


We wish to conclude this article “How to Remove Malware from Android” by giving you some suggestions that please be sincere to your personal data. Your smartphone carries your entire data related to your personal life, professional life, and social life. You need to be very careful while clicking on the unknown or unwanted emails on your Spam folder. You are supposed to read every dialog box completely before clicking on the Yes option on it. You need not go toward the pirate apps store. You should not go for downloading from unusual websites. You should not allow the Permissions to every application without reading what they are asking. They generally ask for using your camera, location, voice, etc. They also ask for checking your email, messages, gallery, and contacts. You need to be very careful without clicking on the Yes option.

You can save your smartphone by performing and regularizing your phone smartly!

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