How to Schedule Facebook Posts

How to Schedule Facebook Posts: A Comprehensive Guide

The question “How to Schedule Facebook Posts?” is in the news nowadays. Everyone in this world knows Facebook. Who does not love to be here and share his story to the world? But sometimes we do not have enough time to share our stories whenever we want to share them. Sometimes we are not free and do not get enough time to connect with our friends and share our stories with them via our Facebook page. To complete this gap, Facebook has announced the latest feature in the market that helps you out to schedule your posts. Yes, this is a very unique and helpful feature that can help out any person who is busy at the office. This feature encourages the person to must share his story. Rest of the posting issues depend upon Facebook. You can schedule your post at any time. You just need to write your post whenever you find some time. This post has just joined hands with Facebook. Before this, Facebook never used to provide such beneficial facility.

Here, we are going to discuss the process of scheduling Facebook posts for both desktop users and mobile phone users. You need to stay with us for understanding the steps in a perfect manner.

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How to Schedule Facebook Posts: Desktop View

  1. You first need to enter into your Facebook account. If you are already logged in then that is okay but if not then you need to first “Log In”.
  2. Just write and sign in.
  3. Write your email address and password and enter into your account.
  4. Please note that you need to access your page. This facility is not available for personal Facebook accounts. This feature works on Pages and Groups only. Just go ahead toward your Facebook page by clicking on the arrow at the top right side of your News Feed. You see a drop-down menu where you are supposed to select “Use Facebook as” and write the name of your page. If you have not created your page then you may create it by “Create Page” option in the same menu.
  5. After reaching your page, write your post thereby writing in the box “What have you been up to?” You can see its text written in grey color. You can write your text there and add Media as well like photos and videos etc. Now, this is the place where you can share your stories, thoughts, news and any important debate freely with the help of interesting and real photos and videos.
  6. You need to write a post and add media before scheduling the post.
  7. After getting done from all these stuff, just select “Schedule” from the menu. You need to click the arrow next to the white and blue “Post” button. Just click on the “Schedule” in the drop down menu and there you go to the next step.
  8. Choose the date and time from the pop-up window. You will see a calendar there. Select the date with the help of the calendar and set the time. You will see the time according to your time zone. It is an automatic feature on Facebook. After this, just set this and move on to another step. Just remember this that you need to schedule this post at least after 10 minutes. Like scheduling the post within 10 minutes like 7, 8 or 9 minutes are not acceptable. Plus, you can schedule posts for almost 6 months but not ahead of 6 months.
  9. After all these steps, click on the “Schedule” button and your post will automatically be scheduled. The post will automatically be posted according to the selected date and time.
  10. For seeing the scheduled post, you need to see like “1 Scheduled Post” written on your page which means that there is one post that is about to be posted automatically via Facebook in near future. You can also see your scheduled posts by clicking the “Activity” section on the top of your page. There, you will find the “Scheduled Posts” option in the most left column.
  11. If you want to make some changes in your scheduled post then click on the “See Post” option in the “1 Scheduled Post” box. From there you can easily edit, reschedule, publish or delete your post.

How to Schedule Facebook Posts: Mobile View

If you wish to schedule the posts from your mobile phone then you need to understand the steps first:

  1. If you are a mobile phone user and wish to work independently with a lot of facilities on your page then you must download an app named “Facebook Pages Manager” first. This application will help you out to schedule a post, edit it, republish it or delete it very easily. However, a simple Facebook app for regulating personal accounts does not help really much.
  2. Facebook provides different applications for both Android and iOS users. You can simply download the application via Google Play Store (Android users) and Apple Store (iOS users).
  3. You may find some minor differences in Android and iOS Facebook applications.
  4. First, enter your email address and password and enter into your profile if you are not already logged in. You may find an option like “Continue as” if multiple accounts are associated with the application but if not then just go with your account as you will not see this option.
  5. By getting logged in, you will automatically see your page. If not then you may select your page from many other pages. It is easy for you to find your group or page anytime by clicking on the blue menu icon in the top right corner of your dashboard. You can easily select your page from there.
  6. You will find a different scenario here to write the post like you need to tap on the “Click here to start a post”. There you will write your posts like stories, news or anything. You can also attach a photo, videos, and other stuff. You can do all these things by simply tapping on the circular blue button at the bottom of your mobile phone screen.
  7. After writing the whole post, tap on the “Schedule” button. You will find this button in the post menu options. This option allows you to set the date, time, minute, hour, and even AM/PM as well. It is in quite a detail and helps out in a tremendous way.
  8. After scheduling the date and time, tap the blue “Schedule” button to finish the process.
  9. After returning to the page, you can easily see that the “Post” button has now been converted into the “Scheduled Button”. Underneath the text, you can easily find out the message where you can see the date and time of your scheduled post like when it is scheduled to go live. You will also see that the clock icons have changed into blue color. Just tap “Schedule” there to finalize the post.
  10. If you wish to edit your scheduled post then just tap on the “More” tab of at the top of the phone’s screen. After getting into the next page, you will be required to click “Scheduled Posts”. Just find out that particular box of the post which you want to edit. After finding out, just click the arrow in the top right corner of the box. You may then use the menu options there to edit your post.

We believe that these methods will absolutely help you out and you will enjoy this latest feature a lot if you are a group or page admin.

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