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Instagram Photo Editor (2019)

(Last updated on June 14th, 2019)

Do you want to make an impact with your photos on Instagram by using Instagram Photo Editor? If you are interested in dominating an Instagram with your eye catching images, it is always recommended to use Instagram Photo Editor. There are various photo editors available on the internet (both free and paid). In this review, we gathered the list of best Instagram photo editors which are compatible with both Android and IOS operating systems.

Following is the list of best Instagram Photo Editors in 2019:

  • SnapSeed
  • VSCO
  • Layout
  • Square Sized
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC
  • Afterlight 2
  • Aviary Photo Editor
  • Average Camera Pro
  • Superimpose
  • Tiltshift

In this comprehensive review, we reviewed major aspects of each Instagram Photo Editor.


SnapSeed is considered as the top Instagram Photo Editor tool and it is actually owned by Google.

Instagram Photo Editor

The application offers the features such as: adding special effects and filters as per your requirements. It offers easy social integration which results in sending photos from the application directly to social apps including Instagram. Various other editing tools which include cropping and photo rotating. White balancing, lens blur, double exposure and tonal contrast are some of the advanced features of this application.  


VSCO provide the built-in camera with the advanced features related to the controlling without letting you leave the application.

The application has an additional feature of downloading the same filters in Adobe Lightroom which can be used for editing pictures on desktop and obtain the results on mobile phone. This application also let you connect with the creative photographers community with the usage of hashtag such as #VSCO on Instagram.


Instagram own photo application is the “Layout”. The application provides an aim of creating collages with the facility of both photo taking and photo editing approach.

Photo Editing Apps

The editing can be initiated with the existing images, or even you can select a new picture with the app. The collage can be made up to nine photos and it can integrate your whole week of activities in one place. Layout also offers personalize collages and the option to share instantly to Instagram. There is the availability of Instagram’s filter tools for completing the editing of the image.

Square Sized

It is always recommended to use the photos which are squared in shape to share it well and easily on Instagram. This is a bit problematic, but there’s no alternate way around. Thus, Squared Size is basically for resizing the Instagram picture to an acceptable format.

Instagram Photo Editor

Rectangular photos can be imported from the Square Sized photos from Facebook or even from your phone and it makes them compatible with the Instagram. This application also have other features and the most prominent is the ability to take photos from within the application. You can even add borders to the photos, apply layer filters, reshaping and overlaying. Furthermore, you can add backgrounds in the photos and can share it on social application with a single button.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

This application offers a desktop version which is very much popular among photographers and designers. It also offers a mobile application when you are ready to work. You can easily take and edit photos from this Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC and can direct them to upload it on Instagram or any other social network of your choice.

Instagram Photo Editor

The application also offers:

  • Pro editing tools which include tone curve that alters exposure, color and contrast.
  • Bulk editing photos and you can even copy edits from various pictures for maintaining consistent style.
  • Photo editing section with your finger.
  • You can even make use of hashtag #lightroom for sharing the photos directly to Instagram.

Adobe Sensei is its Premium version which used artificial intelligence for automatic-tagging your pictures regarding the photo description and location.

Afterlight 2

Afterlight 2 is also decent Instagram Photo Editor tool which has the features of unique filters and has a huge vintage collection. These filters are definitely make your photo more appropriate and comparatively more upgraded as compared with the standard Instagram filters. Afterlight 2 also have some cool designs and effects which allow to add any typography in the photos.

Photo Editing Apps

It is also possible to add the text behind the elements within your photo. This feature is considered as best for business. It easily capture followers attention with the eye catching headline over your image and it is way more than writing a long caption. This Afterlight 2 works well with providing opportunities in the following aspects:  

  • Sale advertising
  • New product promotion
  • New event promotion
  • Contest engagement
  • Gaining more followers

Afterlight 2 can easily be downloaded for just $2.99 and this is the total amount which you’ll pay for this Instagram Photo Editor. The application claims no other hidden charges or even updates once you get it in your mobile or desktop.

Aviary Photo Editor

Aviary Photo Editor allow you to saturate colors within the photos as well and it further soften or sharpen areas for an effect. There is variety of features included in Aviary which ranges from stickers, frames and other necessary overlays to embellish the photos. There is a feature of hand-draw captions across the pictures.

Instagram Photo Editor

The fine-tune feature of an Aviary is irresistible and with only few clicks, you can easily eliminate or brighten shadows to make the photos look more lively. The data in form of photos are saved to the cloud and you can easily access the photos from anywhere and edit them whenever you want just by using your device. This photo editor makes the photo editing easier and it can store everything in one place.

Average Camera Pro

This application assist average users to create their photos like professionals. There is a built-in camera feature in this application which is unlikely to have in other photo editors. It can be used to create multiple pictures at the same time.  These tools are built-in in expensive cameras. You can get all these features in your phones with this application in just $0.99.

Instagram Photo Editor

If you are interested in taking the pictures in low-light settings, then this camera works the best. You’ll typically get brighter pictures because of the increase in exposure time. However, the editing could be more prominent in case if you are trying to brighten a very dark photo. There is no need to worry about your pictures if you are using Average Camera Pro.


Instagram doesn’t offer any tool to change the background of your picture. This can be done with this Superimpose application. You can remove or adjust the background of an image with this application. It can even be combines with another picture.

Instagram Photo Editor

This is amazing from an advertising approach. Interested in taking exotic photos without leaving the comfort of your home? You can definitely do this with this application.


This photo editing app is particularly focusing to a specific area of an outdoor scene. You can definitely bring your location to real life if you’ve an outlet with physical appearance.

Competent Blogging - Photo Editor

This effect assist in making the photo appear as if it’s a miniature. This app is more far more compact and advanced as compared with the Instagram tilt-shift built-in feature. The cost of this application is just $1.99. .


As we have already discussed in the previous article “Is Instagram helpful for Business” regarding the importance of Instagram to grow your business and your influence in any particular domain. It is also recommended to upload photos and videos which are properly edited. It doesn’t mean that you need to hire a professional photo editor for this. 

As already described above, there are various applications available on the internet which can do the job for you pretty easily. Most of these applications are free of charge or only cost few dollars in case if you are interested in buying one.

These filters and editing tools are in reach of everyone who have an Instagram account. It is recommended to properly edit your photos with another app for the purpose of separating your photos from the crowd.

Our recommendations are SnapSeed and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC. However, all the above mentioned are decent and easy to use.

These photo editors are unique in their own way and offer features depending on your requirements.

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