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Is Coolmath Games shutting down in 2020?

Coolmath Games is a very famous online gaming website. It is better to say that it is a popular game website. We all know that Adobe has announced to discontinue the Flash support by 2010. A rumor took place on the internet few days ago that Coolmath Games are shutting down also by 2020 due to the discontinuation of Adobe support to the Flash technology that is important for Coolmath Games. This rumor was spread by a Reddit user u/OneHappyPie threw r/teenagers as it got declared that it Coolmath Games are going to shut down by 2020. Coolmath Games website is basically a mainstay of Generation Z culture. This post was the since-edited post and got published but Official resources confirmed later that this news is just hoax and it has no truthfulness.

According to the OneHappyPie who is a user at Reddit, he said that he thought that the Adobe is about to discontinue its Flash support so it is obvious that Coolmath Games are going to shut down as they are totally dependent on Flash technology. Although, he was right according to the news but he must have confirmed this from the authentic resources first before posting on Reddit. Social media is the fastest news spreading medium after all.

Conversion of Flash Games into HTML5 Technology

Those kids and senior citizens who love to play games like World’s Hardest Game and Run do not need to feel sad because Coolmath Games are not shutting down. Now the kids and senior citizens are perfectly allowed to have fun in their home routines. Even, Polygon confirmed this news that Coolmath games are not shutting down by 2020 due to the discontinuation of Flash Support by Adobe in 2010. Coolmath Games has confirmed that they have been converting their games into HTML5 format. They do not have any relation with the continuation or discontinuation of Flash support. They are using HTML5 technology and their games are absolutely playable whether Adobe continues the Flash support or discontinues it. Many old favorite flash games and top rated flash games have been suitably converted into the HTML5 technology.

Public Remarks

This rumor was just fake but Coolmath Games came to know about its real importance and love in the hearts of people. This news was reported some days ago. People kept on commenting on the original post of Reddit for 3 days but no reply was given by the post maker. People also did 2800 comments and all were not replied. After seeing about this issue, many Fs pressed to pay the honor and the respect at Reddit. Even if we talk about Twitter then a post was posted about the Coolmath Games shutting down and it got almost 400 retweets. This post was shared for 400 times by the people in the Twitter and got thousands of comments. This show the love of Coolmath Games in the hearts of its players. Moving on to the most important step that was taken in just 3 days was the petition done by the

This petition addressed Microsoft, Google and American President Donald Trump to do something for it. This petition unbelievably got almost 143,000 signatures in just 3 days. Almost 143,000 people signed this petition and were standing with the Coolmath Games. This is one of the fastest signed petition.  Although, it was really unusual and illogical that how could Donald Trump do something for this?

Even many people took positive and active participation in this by sharing this news on Facebook pages, Facebook walls and private messages to each other to inform their friends. Many YouTube videos were created in just few hours and were easily available on YouTube. Some were really sad that Coolmath Games are going to be no more while some of them were actually trying to research and putting them forward. Many YouTubers put forward the original Polygon’s message and clarified the whole situation to their subscribers.

Many bloggers wrote about this issue and almost hundreds of blogs got written about this issue in just 3 days. Even, there was a discussion held in Quora that what will people do after the shutdown of Coolmath Games in 2020? Many people were emotional there. A person commented that do not cry and remember the good times that we spent while playing the games. These games taught him so much and helped him in his business decisions later in his life. He said that he will mourn this loss and will never forget the time that he spent on Coolmath Games site.

These reactions were unbelievable for the actual content creator on Reddit. Later, the actual fake news creator posted a message to regret. He accepted his mistake finally after seeing a lot of comments, retweets, blogs, public discussions on community threads, a single petition and public remarks.

History and Importance:

Coolmath Games was originally launched in the year 1997. It was related to the math and fun. Those people who wish to learn math with fun love to visit this website. There are some affiliate sites of Coolmath Games as well like Coolmath4Kids and Coolmath Games were later discovered to provide problem solving solutions toward math by the help of math explainers. It is very important to note that the explanations are not boring but they are gaming. Those people who just love Coolmath games and really enjoyed the site were born in 1995 or later. This calculation stands for the majority of people today.

The main purpose of Coolmath Games was to provide the stress free time to the students when they face long school days. This website does not only tackle the stress but it provides fun and education both which is a very positive thing. It is important to note that every game is not related to math but with the knowledge and fun also. It is hard for many schools to access the website due to their complicated networking systems but it is easy for the individuals to access the website. Students who are fed up with the long school hours every day love to visit this website and play the games here. One of the students said while signing the petition on the comment section that “Coolmath Games was present there for me when school was just troubling”.

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Finally, all confusions got cleared. It is true that the fake content creator apologized and accepted the fake news that he posted but this incident actually made Coolmath Games understand that people love this website in an incredible way. All these reactions that took place in just 3 days were just phenomenal. It is quite wonderful to see that people in the era of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, WhatsApp etc. do play Coolmath Games still. They give time to these games and get a lot of knowledge from them which is just amazing.

The Coolmath Games website is really simple but still a lot of public remarks made them understand so well that they cannot leave entertaining and helping the people on internet.  Coolmath games is a real blessing and it reminds the childhood time in the era where children are attempting suicide due to the crucial game applications like Blue Whale.

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