How To Make Money Online

Earn Money Online

Few years back, it was the wonder for me when someone told me that he was making money online and I just amazed that it could even possible to make money from home.

After successfully launching few online businesses, I thought why not should I share this information with my readers? I mean I should give something back to the society and this is the way I find it as I am working full time online.

So let’s get back to the question – “How to Make Money Online?”

There are various ways to earn money online but I am focusing on the three most legit ways to make money online. The good news is you don’t need heavy investment to initiate it. It is not like physical business where you need at least thousands of dollars to start with the payback not even decent.

So below I mentioned the 3 methods:

  1. Blogging
How to Make Money Online

The most sustainable and legit way to make money online in a long run is by doing “Blogging”. Why I mentioned it at “Rank 1”. It is because of the easiness which comes along with it.  Once your blog gets enough readers and viewers then you just need 4 to 5 hours’ weekly work to maintain it.

But now the question is how to start successful blog?

So to answer this, I summarized the 7 main and major points which if you follow will surely get success.

  1. Select a Host
  2. Pick a Topic
  3. Choose a Domain
  4. Install WordPress
  5. Choose a Theme
  6. Start an Email List
  7. Monetize your blog

So one by one, I am going to discuss each point.

  • Select a Host

There are numerous hosting sites available but I can only recommend Bluehost as I only use it. I do have experience with Siteground, but I find Bluehost as the most reliable and economical hosting service. They provide excellent 24/7 support and it is the best option for the new blogger to avail their services.

You can get Bluehost here.

  • Pick a Topic

I would recommend to select the topic for which you are most interested. Like if you are interested about cooking recipes and in which you can mention your cooking tactics and amazing recipes and share it with your readers. But the thing which need to note here is you must select the topic which you can monetize. Like if you constantly write about insurance then there is not any particular reason that you’ll ever rank on page 1 of Google. Because there are already very strong companies present in the market and they have big marketing budget and there is not any question to compete with them. So for making it easier for you, there are some keyword research companies which tell the keyword difficulty. Keyword difficulty let you know how much easier or difficult to rank on page 1 of Google.

If you don’t like to write, then you can even hire multiple freelance writers who can work for you. You just need to do keyword research along with maintaining your site. This is recommended once you have stable blogging income. Outsourcing is not recommended initially.

  • Choose a Domain

The very next stage is the selection of the domain. Just like Here is this “Competent Blogging” is the domain name. Your domain name must be specific to the keyword for which you want to rank your website. There are many companies which offer domain services. I recommend Bluehost domain as it offers free domain along with hosting.

You can get the free domain along with yearly hosting on Bluehost here.

Another thing to notice here is the domain extension. The most valuable extension is “.com” followed by “.net” and “.org”. So make sure when purchasing the domain, it must have .com domain extension as it is easier to remember. Do same with your blog name as it must be something which people can easily remember and refer to anyone.

  • Install WordPress

Once you purchased Bluehost hosting services, you can then then WordPress. It is the most easier way to operate your website or blog. WordPress is just a click installation and everything will be automatically done.

  • Choose a Theme

There are numerous free themes supported by WordPress. It is the design which you want for your website. As you see my website, there is the specific design for it. I recommend you to take free design initially and once your blog is stable then you can go for purchased theme.

  • Start an Email list

Another important aspect is to gather the email of your readers. Must remember readers can become purchaser once they have enough confidence in you and your website. So starting the newsletter service initially can be big plus for your newly started blog. You can drop them monthly emails about your new published content and free discounts on various services, etc. It is to be note here that it is one of the most important marketing tactic and it can definitely increase your chances to earn money online.

  • Monetize your Blog

Now this is the important step of your blog. Once you have enough readers and 20 to 25 well-written articles, then you can go for monetization. The are many monetization techniques but first you need to focus on producing quality content and build readership.

2. Freelancing

How to Make Money Online

If you are looking to earn some bugs as soon as possible then it can be the only option. Because when earning money online, blogging needs time of at least 6 months or even more. But if you are doing freelancing, you can earn money from the day 1.

Here the question is how to earn it via freelancing? So there are many companies which works as third party sources and provide freelancers to the clients of specific needs. Like If I need the content writer, I can hire it on any of the freelancing site. The bigger names in this industry are:

In this you just need to sign up and mention your services and work experience in detail. If you don’t have any prior experience, there are various free tests offer by these freelancing sites. You can pass the tests and compensate it with your work experience. Initially, it is difficult to get the work but as soon as you have few positive feedbacks on your profile. Getting the work will become extremely easy. I have been doing freelancing from around 2 years and I love its independent nature. Like I can operate it from anywhere. I don’t have any boss and I can work on my own terms. Yes, Life is good!

3. Online Surveys

How to Make Money Online

If you don’t have any specific skill and you don’t even love to write a lot. Then earn money online is even possible by completing online surveys. There are many companies which pay 0.1$ – 5$ per survey. It could eventually take 1-15 minutes per survey. The payout depends on the length of the survey. You just need to create an online account with the company and you can get paid in terms of gift cards, dollars to your paypal or wire transfer is also even possible.

I shortlisted 3 major legit companies for completing surveys online:

  • Swagbugs – offers huge variety of surveys and chances to make money are more.
  • Toluna – Paid as cash or in vouchers
  • MySurvey – You can make 3-5$ per survey.

How to Make Money Online – Conclusion

The best way to make online is blogging. As it provides sustainable income along with many methods to monetize it. Freelancing is good if you want to earn money quickly from day one by offering some specific services. Online surveys can operate in coordination with blogging and freelancing. It is also for those who don’t have any specific skillset and they just want to earn money online by any means.

I know there are other ways to make money online. If you have any specific and easy way to earn money online. Please let us know in the comments section.

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