McAfee Total Protection | Antivirus | Internet Security | 5 Device | 1 Year Subscription | Activation Code by Mail | 2019 Ready

McAfee Total Protection ensures the one-stop product for digital protection, with the award-winning features including cloud-based antivirus, cross-device compatibility and intelligent web protection for ensuring the protection of mobile devices and computers.

McAfee Total Protection

Is McAfee Total Protection best for your digital devices protection?

Short Answer: Yes. Because of inevitable features and money-back guarantee, this antivirus suite is the most recommended suite among all other McAfee products. So without thinking more, Just go for it!

McAfee Total Protection – Key Features

McAfee Total Protection
  • McAfee total protection is premium antivirus which provides identity and privacy protection for up to 5 devices. It covers your PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets-all in one purchase.
  • This award-winning antivirus blocks malware, viruses, spyware, ransomware and other unnecessary programs.
  • McAfee Total Protection even works well in terms of avoiding risky sites and preventing the dangerous downloads.  
  • McAfee Total Protection keep your inbox free from SPAM all the time.
  • The company “McAfee” offer 100% Guarantee with the offer of money back.
  • With the download, you’ll get the activation card which consist of 25-digital product key.

McAfee Total Protection – Customer Reviews

Various customers placed online reviews regarding this McAfee Total Protection | Antivirus| Internet Security | 5 Device | 1 Year Subscription | Activation Code by Mail | 2019 Ready on Amazon. Some screenshots are listed below”

McAfee Total Protection

So you see there are customers who are satisfied with the protection provides by McAfee Total Protection.

McAfee Total Protection – Setup

People usually think that installation of McAfee Total Protection is easy. Just download the free trial and run it. But this is not correct as per the tested trial.

While installing it, there is no fix installation time observed and it was varying continuously. Even we got the message of “unable to install” and suggested retry. After the re-installation and waiting for 30 minutes, we again obtained the same result.

After conducting some research, we obtained the McAfee clean-up, preinstall and troubleshooting tools, however, there was no significant difference in results. We then checked out our system and there was no change still.

As expected, we contacted McAfee support and opened the chat window where we explained them our situation. They remotely tested our computer and two minutes later, they were trying another install.

There were more clean-up tricks as tried by the technical and ran more installations. This did not solve out problem but the McAfee support did not give up. They raised our issue to the Tier 2 technician and they implemented several other cleaning tricks and eventually obtained the separate installer which worked for us and finally installation started and completed.  

In this whole scenario, there is no case in which the blame has to be made to the company itself. We must note that these type of issues usually occur in installation of any security software.

The setup can work better with some other systems but it takes 30 minutes for an installation to time-out. The troubleshooting process could be easier if installer provide us the details about what was wrong in the system. However, the system setup was smooth and easy to implement in case if there was no error occurred in the system.

McAfee Total Protection – Features

Antivirus scanning options are minimum in the McAfee Total Protection with just the quick scan, a Full System Scan and the scanning ability to customize the items directly from the right-click Explorer menu.

What you don’t get is a specific removable drives scan, a custom scan you can define from the interface, or the ability to set up a new scan type or define how it works. For example, Avast’s Windows products can be used to set up a scan which checks specific file types in the folders you need, using the scanning technologies and rules you define, and you can then run that scan whenever you like. There’s nothing like that here.

There are various scan types features available and we couldn’t find any issue with them. The speed of scans were average and acceptable. The test malware was spotted via the program with no difficulty, it was actively scanning and running in the background. There was not significant impact on our test computer with the usage of McAfee Total Protection.

McAfee Total Protection – Protection

McAfee Total Protection

An intensive benchmark for antiviruses testing is illustrated by AV-Comparatives’ Real-World Protection Test which tests 18 world’s biggest antivirus suits against the latest threats. Every year, there are 10 tests which the company runs and obtaining an excellent way to monitor the particular vendors over time.

In August, the company managed to obtain the 5th spot with the McAfee’s test performance securing 100% protection rate and then fell a bit with the 14th spot in the September 2018 test.

AV-Comparatives also produces summary reports regarding the average results obtained over various tests, obtaining the clearer view. McAfee secures 6th Spot in the February – June 2018 report with the protection rate which was 99.6%. There are some other quality competitors including Kaspersky and Avira which were at 4th and 5th. Symantec secured 7th Position with the 99.5% and thus resulted in clearing the McAfee protection issue stating no particular issue here that any user will notice.

The McAfee’s effectiveness is confirmed with the AV-Test Home Windows report for August 2018, with the product blocking rate of 100% of the sample threats provided. 


McAfee Total Protection has various other features and definitely a long list, but this suite is the most powerful among others and you should definitely give it a try as they are offering money back guarantee. So there is nothing for you to worry about!

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