Shopify vs. Magneto

Shopify Vs Magneto

The battle between the two E-commerce platforms “Shopify Vs Magneto” is going on from quiet a while. So now you are thinking to transfer your MAGNETO e-commerce store to all new Shopify. But you are confused? Like if this is the right decision.
In this article, I did an in-depth analysis for all the e-commerce business owners who want to transfer to Shopify or Magneto. This comparison “Shopify Vs Magneto” is also good for those who are new to these platforms and want to start their own online store.
I split the article “Shopify vs. Magneto” into 5 major points on which the whole comparison is being made.
• Introduction – Shopify & Magneto
• Shopify Users & Numbers vs. Magneto Users & Numbers
• Shopify: Pros & Cons
• Magneto: Pros & Cons
• Conclusion

Short Answer: Shopify is the best and an emerging technology. The company itself offers a free trial.

Introduction – Shopify & Magneto


Let’s first start with Shopify. For those who are new to e-commerce must know that Shopify is the turnkey solution to create and support an online store for your businesses. Working and managing the business from Shopify is extremely easy because of the following reasons:

Your brand – your way (No design skills needed). This means one can start the brand online with custom domain name and an online store with one click signup. If you are new to Shopify, Get your free trial today from here:

Struggling with getting started with Shopify? Here is the guide which contain 10 proven strategies to make money using Shopify:

Ecommerce Evolved: The Essential Playbook To Build, Grow & Scale A Successful Ecommerce Business

Complete turnkey solution – It means Shopify has the advanced technology and it results in bringing everything to one place. Shopify platform enables to get unified platform to run business with ease. It has the following advantages:

One of the main feature of using Shopify is that it result in getting straight towards growing the business. There is no hassle of site hosting and managing separately.


Magneto is an open-source E-commerce platform which provides merchants with a flexible shopping cart system. It also controls the functionalities of the online store. Following are the main features in Magneto platform:

Easy Installation along with additional plug-ins and layouts
Scalable ecommerce technology along with providing open-source flexibility
Cost-sensitive and effective program
Numerous benefits and gifts during check-outs
Supports more than 50 payment gateways

Shopify Users & Numbers

According to commercial data released by Shopify during the fiscal year 2018, they release the cost amount $82B+ sales with 1,000,000+ active users and around 600,000 businesses are operated by it.

So as these numbers clearly indicate that they are doing some serious business and definitely providing values to their customers. Here is the link if you want to get Shopify free trial:

Shopify Vs Magneto

Magneto Users and Numbers

Magneto captures around 18% of the ecommerce market with over 14,500 stores in the top 1 Million Alexa ranking. Global Market platform number shares are different but still it captures competitive market along with Shopify.

Shopify Vs Magneto | Shopify Pros and Cons

If I talk about the pros of Shopify, there are numerous from which I mentioned some of them below:
• Fully customizable online store, website, blog
• Accept credit card instantly for shopify payments
• Unlimited product inventory and customer data
• Shopify discounted rates save time and money

Following are the cons of Shopify:
• Content Marketing
• Initial Setup
• Shopify Jargon
• Lock-in

Shopify also has the ability to support customize plans. There are different Shopify plans available according to the need of every individual or business. There are some features which are present in all Shopify plans and I mentioned them below:
• Unlimited bandwidth and online storage
• Unlimited products
• Online sales channel
• Shopify point of sales
• Manual order creation
• Fraud analysis
• Staff accounts
• Discount codes
• Finance reports
• Overviewed dashboard
• Customer 24/7 support

Shopify offers free 14 days trial. If you want to get start with it, try it for free here.

Also, for regular online business/stores owners, Shopify brings 3 major plans which are:

• Basic Shopify
• Shopify
• Advance Shopify

If you have much bigger audience and you want to shift your online store on Shopify, then there is Shopifyplus plan.
Below I am starting to discuss each Shopify plan pricing per month along with features and necessary components.

Basic Shopify

If you want to start with the Basic Shopify, it’ll cost you USD $29/month. Following are the main features that this Basic Shopify supports:

Online Store
Unlimited Products
Staff Accounts
24/7 Support
Sales Channel
Manual Order Creation
Discount Codes
Free SSL Certificate
Abandoned Cart Recovery

For shipping it with Shopify, then this plan gives you almost 31% discount along with print shippable labels.
Interested in taking this plan? Get it from here.


This Shopify is better with the monthly subscription of USD $79/month. It has the following features:
Online Store
Unlimited Products
Staff accounts
24/7 Support
Sales Channel
Manual Order Creation
Discount codes
Free SSL certificate
Abandoned cart recovery
Gift cards
Professional reports

This plan gives discount of up to 37%.
Interested in taking this plan? Get it from here.

Advance Shopify

This Advance Shopify is for bigger businesses as it has more features and it requires monthly subscription of USD $299/month. This plan has the following features:

Online Store
Unlimited Products
24/7 Support
Staff accounts
Sales channels
Manual order creation
Discount codes
Free SSL certificate
Gift cards
Abandoned cart recovery
Professional reports
Gift cards
Advanced report builders
Third party calculated shipping rates

Interested in taking this plan? Get it from here.

Shopify Vs Magneto | Magneto Pros

• Flexible – Magneto is open-source software and it means it provides opportunity to modify the source code as per the requirement. Moreover, it also allows the third party integration. It is really a plus point for Magneto as website analytics tool can be integrated to measure the performance of your online store.
• Many features that other platforms lack – The biggest advantage of using Magneto is its flexibility to use it in multiple languages, multiple currencies and multiple locations.
• Large user community – There are hundreds of users of Magneto. Therefore, its community is giant and hence there are numerous forums available where people submit their queries.
• Mobile Friendly Configuration – Magneto is providing mobile-friendly user interface as it is the main requirement of operating ecommerce business on mobile. Giving user friendly behavior is the additive advantage of using Magneto.
• Scalable – One always start the online business on smaller scale and then later it can be scaled up. This is the feature available in Magneto at no extra cost.

Magneto Cons

• Only very few developers – As Magneto is quiet known among its users and therefore there are many developers who claim to be an expert in it. But to be frank, it is extremely difficult to find the authentic one as the science behind Magneto is difficult and cannot understand easily.
• Expensive – Initially Magneto is open-source free to use software but enterprise version of Magneto cost you more than fifteen thousand dollars and hence it’ll cost you fifteen thousand dollars per year.
• Time-consuming – The site itself provides slow loading time and it results in bad user experience.
• Bad Product Support – Their product support is quite expensive because their developers charge handsome amount and it results in draining the dollars.
• Hosting – Magneto itself is self-hosted and hence you need separate hosting service to operate your store. There are many online hosting services like siteground, bluehost, hostgator, wpengine, etc. I personally prefer to use siteground. You can buy it from here.

Shopify Vs Magneto | Conclusion

At the end, I recommend the use of Shopify as it is the an emerging technology. More bigger online businesses are investing and migrating to Shopify because of its 24/7 support and easy operation. It even doesn’t need hosting service as that of Magneto where third party hosting is necessary. Moreover, as numbers indicated  Shopify users are ultimately more as compared to Magneto. Therefore, it is right to go with Shopify. If you want to build your online store for free. Get your free trial here:

Disclaimer: This review “Shopify Vs Magneto” is solely an independent review which is conducted by domain specialist at Competent Blogging.

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