Review of Survey Junkey (2019)

Review of Survey Junkey: Introduction to Survey Junkie

Survey Junkey Review

Are you looking for an online way to earn money? Do you wish to do a job and earn via online platforms also? Or, do you wish to sit at home and earn via online medium only? If any of the cases are here then there are a lot of ways to earn money online. But if you wish to earn money through survey platforms and if you wish to work on this platform only then you should not miss the chance to work on Survey Junkie. Like, every platform, Survey Junkie has several advantages and disadvantages also which will be discussed in a few moments. But if we talk about the survey spaces then Survey Junkie is trustable. It is very easy for people to use it. It does not come with difficult designs or programming languages. It is just simple.

From creating an account on Survey Junkie to complete the surveys and get the payment, you will find all the steps very easy and clear. Many people give positive remarks about Survey Junkie while many people file certain complaints as well. Survey Junkie was founded in 2005 and almost 3,000,000 members are registered on this website. It is unknown how many accounts are active from 3,000,000 registered accounts but people still use this website on a large scale. It wishes to connect the people from the local and international brands and help these brands to get marketed by the survey agents. These surveys help these brands in many situations like from marketing to awareness.

This website is legal and offers legal opportunities. It is not fake and provides positive and real opportunities to earn. There are some restrictions over this website that this can only be used by some specific countries only. These countries include Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand, and the UK. Unfortunately, this website does not work in Asian countries. There is one reason of not launching Survey Junkie to Asian countries is that some countries are not having access to PayPal accounts like Pakistan and Survey Junkie works only with PayPal account. It does not support any other online money transaction service like Skrill, Payoneer, and Payza, etc. It also does not support online bank transfer to various banks.

Please note that this is one of the most trusted survey platforms that help toward earning in the real sense and lawfully. Let’s learn more about it and take a look at its advantages and disadvantages.

Review of Survey Junkey: Advantages of Survey Junkie Platform

Firstly, this is one of the trusted survey platforms where people never forget to come and create their accounts if they wish to earn via Survey platforms. There is a line written on the website of Survey Junkie that “You will not get rich” which means that they are simple and do not hide anything. They have clearly said that you will not get rich through this platform which simply means that you need to do full-time business or job. This Survey Junkie surveys can be done as part-time work or extra work to manage a few expenses.

Survey Junkie does not do anything wrong with its clients by not transferring the amount or canceling the amount itself. It is justified with this and always pays back. Survey Junkie pays in terms of points. It pays almost 20 to 200 points per survey which means that you get paid almost $1 to $3 per survey. Points depend upon the length of the survey. If you give a lot of time to complete one survey then absolutely you will get enough points. Coming to the issue that how can you take advantage of your points?

You have two ways to get advantage from your points either by using them to get gift cards or cash via PayPal account. You need to get 1000 points first before processing any transaction. 1000 points behave as $10. It is not like other websites where you are supposed to get $20 first and giving a small portion to the company etc. No, it is not like that. It is just yours and you can easily process your transaction after getting 1000 points. You need to do at least one survey per week to stay active. Even, if you do not use this website for months, it will not waste your points. It waits for almost 1 year. If you earn almost $2 per week then it means that you can earn at least $8 per month which is not bad. It is helpful to face little petty cash expenses.

Review of Survey Junkey: Disadvantages of Survey Junkie Platform

After learning about its so many advantages, let’s take a look at its some disadvantages. It has one common disadvantage which makes it risky like many other earning platforms through the internet. Many users file their complaints that their accounts get deactivated or expired without any notice or any issue. Like if you work today on Survey Junkie then it is not important that you will find your Survey Junkie account working on your next login. However, it does not happen with everyone but it happens with its many users. You may face this issue while working on Survey Junkie. This is quite risky and nobody wishes to face such discrepancy while working with complete hard work, regularity, and dedication. It is known as real cheating with those clients who work with full dedication and sincerity on the website. They need to fix this issue and pay back all their clients by saving their points and reactivating their accounts.

It has one more issue that a person who works on Survey Junkie gets survey invites. Not every survey invite does not have to be perfectly qualified according to the rules and regulations of Survey Junkie. Like they ask some questions or a simple question. If you do not answer them successfully then they may disqualify you from that particular survey without informing you or sending you any notification. You will come to know in the end after completing the survey that you did not qualify this survey after seeing any new points in your wallet. This is another very crucial issue that can be faced by any person using Survey Junkie.

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It always pays on time to its customers but if you find that you have not been paid then you can ultimately contact them on the support. This is the rare case but it happens sometimes.


In this “Review of Survey Junkey”, we highlighted the advantages and disadvantages and noted that there are many advantages of Survey Junkie but there are only a few disadvantages that make this website very crucial for the users. If you are working on part-time basis then you may try your luck. It is not important or mandatory that you will face negativity. You may get some positive results too. But if you are thinking to leave your job and just work on these survey sites then you are wrong. Never do that.

These websites can only help you in earning a little money that can help you out in affording little bit petty cash expenses only. It cannot secure your life, your future, your family and you.

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