What Makes You Unique?

10 Awesome Ways to Answer: What Makes You Unique? (2019)

Here is this article, I researched and interviewed a few employers for the purpose of asking them why they all ask the same question, which is “What Makes You Unique?” Most of them replied in a simple manner and they said the question is just to figure out if the candidate is expressive. The easiest way to find this is to ask the simple question of “What Makes You Unique?”

So moving towards the awesome answers to this question, one needs to understand that the answers can be edited as per their situations. You can’t directly learn and deliver it in front of your interviewer. It must not give the feeling of memorizing the answers. Because with this answer, the employer or HR officer can clearly find out if you are creative and self-expressing or a robot who memorizes a few paragraphs just to get a job.

While answering the questions “What Makes You Unique?” It is always recommended to talk about your specific skill set as every individual has any particular skill set which makes him/her unique in his/her own way. It is also recommended to talk about the educational background and your achievements but these must be correlated with the applied job position.

The 10 awesome ways to Answer: “What Makes You Unique?” are:

  1. I am a vivid learner and I always keen to learn about new things which always results in constructing decent output.
  2. I have a unique ability of team leader and a team member. It makes me flexible enough to work both individually as a leader and as a rising team player.
  3. I am blessed with the organized behavior and I always apply these skills in my working life which results in getting extraordinary outcomes.
  4. I always complete the work wholeheartedly and once I take the work, to be honest, I don’t care about the difficulty. My only aim is to reach the objective.
  5. I always think out of the box and don’t really follow the traditional roots of getting the solution to any problem. It boosts the creativity of my mind and always makes me active throughout the day.
  6. I don’t look back. I don’t think about the past. I always look for a better opportunity. In case if a failure occurs (which can be in any organization), I learn from it and move on, rather than just ranting on it.
  7. I always do homework. Meeting with the boss or with the client, I always prepare enough convincing documents beforehand to prove my point.
  8. I have the ability of effective communication and I always listen carefully to prepare my response on the concerned query.
  9. My prior experience in customer service has provided me with unique technical skills that I can apply to this role.
  10. I am a self-starter and I don’t need a push start. I always make sure to fully utilize my working hours and make no stone unturned to complete the assigned tasks from the boss.

These above 10 answers are just ideas to prepare your answer while practicing your interview. There are various other ways to answer “What Makes You Unique?”

What Makes You Unique?

But these mentioned answers can work as a starter. You can continue with any of the answer mentioned in this article and connect it with your line of experience or something in which you are comfortable to talk about.

Highlight Your Key Traits

When the employer asks you the questions “What Makes You Unique?”, you must highlight your personality traits as well. Following points must be considered while preparing an answer: 

  • Your ultimate skills which apart you from the crown in a positive and constructive manner.
  • Your effectiveness while working in a team.
  • Your creativity while solving different organizational and project-related challenges.
  • The things which make you super excited and motivated.
  • Your measures which you take under stress and how well you turn the negative thing into a positive one (i.e, from pessimistic to optimistic).

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What Should You Avoid While Answering: “What Makes You Unique?”

  • Don’t sound weird. Be noted that weirdness is your negative aspect, it is not something which makes you unique.
  • Don’t be so quick to answer. It would sound you feeling less confident.
  • Don’t talk about something which is not in favor of the company.
  • Don’t be an overconfident person.
  • Don’t behave like you are smarter than the HR officer or the employer. It will trigger them to reject you.


“What Makes You Unique?” is pretty much a common job interview question and this is frequently asked by most of the employers. No matter if you are applying for a position of a Design Engineer or a Chartered Accountant, the employer particularly an HR officer would most probably ask you this question among many other generic questions.

This article presented the 10 awesome ways to answer the question and you’ll surely get full marks at least for this question by using one of the answers presented in this article.  

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