Free Instagram Followers

Nowadays, Instagram is the biggest platform to promote your business and get impression from across the world which ultimately turn into happy customers. I often find myself confused while growing my Instagram followers as it seems difficult. Then I got to know that there are certain companies which offer free Instagram followers because of its huge social database or their understanding with the Instagram algorithm. In both ways, this turned out to be the best way to increase the Instagram followers for free.
I prepared and gathered the list of websites in this article which are offering free Instagram followers to the users at no cost or even reasonably lower cost.

Skweezer is the company which top the list in delivering free Instagram followers to its users. They have an offer of getting 50 free Instagram followers in their trial period. You just need to fill the below mentioned details for getting the 50 free followers:
Free Instagram Followers - Skweezer

Once you are done with the trail, you can switch to their paid plan. However, if you don’t need the paid plan, you’ll still have your 50 free followers. So no worries!

Skweezer is also providing the following advance features:

  • Real Instagram followers
  • Automated Instagram Likes
  • Instagram Views

Though they are in the paid subscription but you won’t regret it spending on this service as it is the most authentic site for getting free Instagram followers.

The Best Followers is the second company which is offering 100 Free Instagram Followers. They previously offered this service in 4$ but now they are offering it for free just to get their users best experience in the marketplace. I took the snapshot from their website below on how to get 100 Free Instagram Followers:

free instagram followers

Here the question is why we should use their services instead of others? As per my observations, these are the points which stand them apart from their customers:

  • They are offering 30 days money back guarantee. So it means you don’t need to get worry while purchasing it as if you don’t satisfy with their Free Instagram Followers, you can always cancel the plan.
  • They are taking the payment from PAYPAL and hence you don’t need to get worry about any scam as PAYPAL itself is secure payment platform.
  • They have their 24/7 backup support and it’ll surely help you incase if you have any query.
  • They deliver the service in less than 24 hours. So it’s fast!

Another good thing about them is their relatively cheap prices. I again took the screenshot from their website:

free instagram followers

So you can see their price range from 13 to 129 pounds. So isn’t it better?

Mr. Insta is another name decent name in this market. The company claims to have 1million active users and around 47 billion Instagram followers that they claimed to generate for its users. The company itself came into existence in 2013. It has the vision to provide free Instagram followers to its users. They have the four steps plan for getting Free Instagram Followers:

The good thing about this service is that they are offering Instagram followers and likes in classes. Such as: getting free Instagram followers from USA, buying Instagram followers from India, etc.

Social Enabler is the company which claims to give 50,000 free Instagram followers to its user. The company after its existence claim to learn Instagram algorithm and how to get any page at the top to get the most attraction.

For getting the free Instagram followers from this company, there are three simple steps as shown below:

Free Instagram Followers

Gram Blast is the company which offers 50 Free Instagram Followers just by providing them with your Instagram handle. This company is new and doesn’t have many active users. But certainly the company is growing and soon it’ll flourish with more active users and purchases.

Free Instagram Followers

They are offering 100 Instagram followers in just 1.99$. They are also offering various different services ranging from free Instagram followers to free Instagram likes.  They also have paid programs which include buying Instagram videos, buying Instagram likes and many more.

iDigic is the company which offers 10 Free Instagram Followers. They have got 5 stars rating based on the 477 happy customers. Starting with their trail is as easy as shown below:

Free Instagram Followers

They also provide 24/7 support to its customers.

It’s your choice how much you want to spend on your Instagram followers but they are genuine follower providers.


In this review, I have shown you different companies which are offering Free Instagram Followers. During their trial periods, they offer limited number of followers. For getting more followers, you can then switch to their paid plans. Most of the companies have 24/7 support. You can write them at any time whenever you find any trouble utilizing their services. There are other companies too in the market that offer free Instagram followers. But there is a big question mark on their legitimacy and they might put your Instagram account on risk. So I would recommend you to use any of the above service for getting both free Instagram followers and likes. I personally use Skweezer because of its excellent support and free great interface. I did not lose a single follower from the day I joined their Free Instagram Follower tool.

Should have any query feel free to write it in the comments section below and I would definitely respond at the earliest.

Enjoy your Free Instagram Followers and promote your business.



Bitdefender vs. Norton | Best Internet Comparison (2018)

This in-depth comparison between “Bitdefender vs. Norton” provides an in-depth review of the different aspects of these two anti-viruses. As Bitdefender and Norton are a familiar name in anti-malware industries. But who hold side to side dominance more than the other one in the industry? They might not be the most competitive antiviruses in the industry. But play a substantial role against the anti-malware campaign. Bit defender which is serviced by Bitdefender LLC Incorporation started its operation way back in 2001. While Norton serviced by Symantec Corporation was started in 1991. They both are operating for durations of 17 and 27 years respectively.  This puts Norton to be older and experienced in the anti-malware industry more than Bit defender. This comparison “Bitdefender vs. Norton” will make your concepts clearer regarding the most suitable antivirus suite.

But does this make it more popular than Bit defender? Does it control wider market or exhibit higher degree of malware protection and detection efficiency without false flags? And who might be better placed to secure computer system? Digital life we live in is becoming more complex from time to time. It goes without saying that systems security and privacy are at stake.  Close to 35,000 new samples of malware are registered in every single day in accordance to AV-test Institute. It means more dynamic anti-malware are needed. Hence, better placement of one antivirus in any aspect will place the other one in a lower position.

Bitdefender vs. Norton Popularity & Market Dominance


In the quest for popularity and market dominance among “Bitdefender vs. Norton”, Bitdefender has soundly beaten Norton registering almost twice Norton ’s market shares globally.

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According to OPSWAT report published in April 2018, Bitdefender showed to have a global dominance of 10.65 %. While Norton formed 3.64% of total shares in the global anti-malware industry. It clearly indicates that Bitdefender has higher market penetration. It is a factor that shows its global subscription toll to over 500 million users. While Norton lags behind commanding lower market with greater control of North American markets. And its subscribers adding up to over 200million subscriber; 300million far below that of Bitdefender.

Bitdefender vs. Norton

Despite huge market shares, Norton showed higher revenue of close to $4.09billion. While  Bitdefender has far much low revenue totaling $139 million annually for the financial year 2017. An irony considering Bitdefender’s high market shares and number of its users worldwide. Despite all this, the two anti-malware giants seem to have lower combined market shares in relative to other industries commanding a total of 14.29% of the total global market shares in the antivirus development industry.

Bitdefender vs. Norton

The greater market control can be tied to multiple tiers posed by Bitdefender. It also includes an extremely long list of functionalities possessed by multiple tiers in a combined form. Of course, a wider product range provides the wider selection to end users. While Norton is made up of four main tiers; Basic, standard and premium levels which provide five principal functions to the end user and revolving around security matters,. It is as opposed to Bitdefender that has 7 packages providing more than 15 functions.

Bitdefender vs. Norton – Pricing and Plans

The whole comparison “Bitdefender vs. Norton” important point is the pricing and plans. Since the customer market for this product is usually highly volatile and varies significantly from one developer to another which is based on several factors. Bit defender products vary from $ 39.99 to $69.99 while that of Norton varies from $29.99 to $54.99 considering all 2018 versions for different tiers or packages of each. From the look of things, it can obviously be deduced that Norton is much cheaper compared to bit defender which is not the case. In all bit defender packages, the user enjoys the privilege of sharing a single license to multiple end user as opposed to Norton since it has a minimum of 3 and can go up to 10 users per license in the package purchased. It is a factor that provides a good competitive advantage to end users especially those servicing wider computers.

Get Bitdefender Total Security | 5 Device | 1 Year [Key Code]

Thus, this makes Bitdefender a better economic anti-malware version ideal for large offices and enterprises. In addition, this antivirus also provides a well serviced free version that forms the baseline for wooing more end user to join the network. As it provides a room for malware detection efficiency testing before one may even make the decision to purchase a customer package. Probably a reason that may explain the low revenue for the company despite huge subscribers list and large market share as compared to Norton. This because more people may seem to be satisfied with free version protection rather than service or paid package. For this reason, Norton finds wide usage of single license user as the number of users per license means more cost and the vice versa is true in Bitdefender.

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Being an application software like any other computer applications such as MS office, a web browsing application, music apps etc. These systems also need computer resource to operate as they execute their set purposes. Thus the antivirus software has to operate in the background as they keep guard the system from malware attacks among other related threats. They have to consume substantial computer-resources and freely integrate themselves with other application to ensure fewer effects on other application. It even consumes extremely low memory. In this line, low resource demanding antivirus is preferred to ensure the system remains in steady operations as well as it guarded. Most experienced system effects may include slowing down other assigned task such as file movements, download, and upload rates, web browsing etc.

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Bitdefender vs. Norton – AV Comparison Testing

AV Comparison Testing is an important aspect of the “Bitdefender vs. Norton” review. As per AV comparative testing, three levels are assigned to anti-virus depending on the level of effects to the system, that is ADVANCED+, ADVANCED and Standard level. Advanced level forms the friendliest level with less effect to the PC while the standard level rated antimalware have huge impacts on the system. According to AV  comparatives test carried in April 2018, Bit defender was placed in ADVANCED+ level with a score of 6.9 while Norton(Symantec) was placed on the second level; ADVANCED tier(Second level with 2-star rating) with a score of 6. This shows that Norton’s security is resource intensive and will demand higher resources as opposed to Bitdefender.

As a result, the system will affect the system deviation from the normal factor that will account for its low system integration ability. Right away from installation, Bit defender shows great simplicity in its execution time. The more the file size the more time the PC requires to access the source files and more space it requires to read the executable files. A typical set up for bit defender has a disk space of 276MB as opposed to Norton that requires a free disk space of 331MB during initial set up installation. More disk space translates to higher resource demand and calls for more time to execute them.

Bitdefender vs. Norton – Interface

The “Bitdefender vs. Norton” comparison another main aspect is the interface. Despite the huge difference is space consumption both Norton and Bit defender have a simple interface with ease of use and feature apart from slowing down operation mechanism. They have no such system which has no effects to human-machine interface display systems though it a factor that may vary from one end user to another depending on preference, choice and display selection.

While the Bitdefender interface is dark and modern, in shades of black and light grey with a vertical menu on the left which consists of the following tabs: Protection, Privacy, Tools, Activity, Notifications, Account, Settings, and Support Norton’s window has only protection window upon opening with toggle menu aside for other functionalities such as Security, performance, more about Norton etc.

Well, does high bulk system imply that the same system which has higher anti-malware detection or protection efficiency? Does it leave behind some traces of Trojan or it can offer extreme blocking to Trojan, worms and virus species? Higher efficiencies and blocking levels provide perfect security to the system and will render the anti-virus more effective bearing that this is the most fundamental responsibility of this software.

However, efficiency test is not readily available at everyone’s disposal and highly relies AV-test and AV-comparatives to ascertain the rate of the system of malware protection. this system also serves to test how this system can block malware without raising false alarms, that is flag malware free file as an infected file during security scans.

“Bitdefender vs. Norton” review was considerably based on the AV-Test and AV-Comparatives, independent security labs that deeply evaluate various top antivirus products, including Bitdefender and Norton. Recent Tests evaluations between March to April 2018 aimed at evaluating the two software efficiencies on windows 10 operating system. All participating products were tested against 196 samples of zero-day malware, a newer spice of malware and 5,484 samples of widespread malware (also called old malware) over both months were considered.

Bitdefender vs. Norton – Protection

Both Bitdefender and Norton blocked 100% of both types of malware samples in both months, registering excellent 6 out of 6-star ratings in the ‘protection’ category which show that both software has strong anti-malware blocking effaces at a glance.

This “Bitdefender vs. Norton” comparison also based on the two main tests that AV-Comparatives conducted were Real-World Protection Test and Malware Protection Test. The latter test comprehensively evaluates a product’s ability to prevent malware infections. Whereas, the former test exposes a product against real-world malware conditions (as experienced by everyday users). AV-Comparatives most recent Real-World Protection Test Report listed aggregated results of the tests conducted over the period of five months from February to June 2018.

While I was doing a comparison between Bitdefender vs. Norton, Bitdefender received the highest ADVANCED+ award from the security institute. It is due to its near-perfect protection rate of 99.8% and displayed only 2 false alarms. Norton, on the other hand, also registered an impressive protection rate of 99.8% though it displayed a very high count of false alarm totaling to 32. This shows that Norton is bound to very high false flags as compared to Bitdefender. Such false alarms create false impressions and unnecessary worries of systems. It attacks a factor that made it only manage the second-best ADVANCED level award.

Bitdefender vs. Norton – Real-Time Malware Protection

Another test conducted in March 2018 in which Bitdefender once again put up an impressive show with a perfect 100% protection rate. It just has two false positives and maintained its rank with highest ADVANCED+ honor. On the other hand, Norton’s protection rate dropped to a near-perfect rate of 99.9%. It has false flags increased by 58 from down 32 to 90 flags and thus settling from third best level, Standard awards, a poor show from second ADVANCED award received by the earlier test. This does not place Bit defender as the most prolific malware fighter but as consistency product that shows improvements with time as opposed to its counterpart that records sequential drops over a given time.


From the review Bitdefender vs. Norton, we can conclude that Bitdefender is better in terms of security and additive advantages over Norton. Market research clearly indicates that more internet users are selecting Bitdefender over Norton because of the well-explained reasons. Interested in getting any of them? Get it here:

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Disclaimer: These special discounts are offered because we are registered partner of these companies. We may get little commission in case you buy these security suites at no extra cost.


Shopify vs. Magneto

So now you are thinking to transfer your MAGNETO e-commerce store to all new Shopify. But you are confused? Like if this is the right decision.
In this article, I did an in-depth analysis for all the e-commerce business owners who want to transfer to Shopify or Magneto. This article is also good for those who are new to these platforms and want to start their own online store.
I split the article into 5 major points on which the whole comparison is being made.
• Introduction – Shopify & Magneto
• Shopify Users & Numbers vs. Magneto Users & Numbers
• Shopify: Pros & Cons
• Magneto: Pros & Cons
• Conclusion

Introduction – Shopify & Magneto


Let’s first start with Shopify. For those who are new to e-commerce must know that Shopify is the turnkey solution to create and support an online store for your businesses. Working and managing the business from Shopify is extremely easy because of the following reasons:

Your brand – your way (No design skills needed). This means one can start the brand online with custom domain name and an online store with one click signup. If you are new to Shopify, Get your free trial today from here:

Struggling with getting started with Shopify? Here is the guide which contain 10 proven strategies to make money using Shopify:

Ecommerce Evolved: The Essential Playbook To Build, Grow & Scale A Successful Ecommerce Business

Complete turnkey solution – It means Shopify has the advanced technology and it results in bringing everything to one place. Shopify platform enables to get unified platform to run business with ease. It has the following advantages:

One of the main feature of using Shopify is that it result in getting straight towards growing the business. There is no hassle of site hosting and managing separately.


Magneto is an open-source E-commerce platform which provides merchants with a flexible shopping cart system. It also controls the functionalities of the online store. Following are the main features in Magneto platform:

Easy Installation along with additional plug-ins and layouts
Scalable ecommerce technology along with providing open-source flexibility
Cost-sensitive and effective program
Numerous benefits and gifts during check-outs
Supports more than 50 payment gateways

Shopify Users & Numbers

According to commercial data released by Shopify during the fiscal year 2018, they release the cost amount $82B+ sales with 1,000,000+ active users and around 600,000 businesses are operated by it.

So as these numbers clearly indicate that they are doing some serious business and definitely providing values to their customers. Here is the link if you want to get Shopify free trial:

Magneto Users and Numbers

Magneto captures around 18% of the ecommerce market with over 14,500 stores in the top 1 Million Alexa ranking. Global Market platform number shares are different but still it captures competitive market along with Shopify.

Shopify Pros and Cons

If I talk about the pros of Shopify, there are numerous from which I mentioned some of them below:
• Fully customizable online store, website, blog
• Accept credit card instantly for shopify payments
• Unlimited product inventory and customer data
• Shopify discounted rates save time and money

Following are the cons of Shopify:
• Content Marketing
• Initial Setup
• Shopify Jargon
• Lock-in

Shopify also has the ability to support customize plans. There are different Shopify plans available according to the need of every individual or business. There are some features which are present in all Shopify plans and I mentioned them below:
• Unlimited bandwidth and online storage
• Unlimited products
• Online sales channel
• Shopify point of sales
• Manual order creation
• Fraud analysis
• Staff accounts
• Discount codes
• Finance reports
• Overviewed dashboard
• Customer 24/7 support

Shopify offers free 14 days trial. If you want to get start with it, try it for free here.

Also, for regular online business/stores owners, Shopify brings 3 major plans which are:

• Basic Shopify
• Shopify
• Advance Shopify

If you have much bigger audience and you want to shift your online store on Shopify, then there is Shopifyplus plan.
Below I am starting to discuss each Shopify plan pricing per month along with features and necessary components.

Basic Shopify

If you want to start with the Basic Shopify, it’ll cost you USD $29/month. Following are the main features that this Basic Shopify supports:

Online Store
Unlimited Products
Staff Accounts
24/7 Support
Sales Channel
Manual Order Creation
Discount Codes
Free SSL Certificate
Abandoned Cart Recovery

For shipping it with Shopify, then this plan gives you almost 31% discount along with print shippable labels.
Interested in taking this plan? Get it from here.


This Shopify is better with the monthly subscription of USD $79/month. It has the following features:
Online Store
Unlimited Products
Staff accounts
24/7 Support
Sales Channel
Manual Order Creation
Discount codes
Free SSL certificate
Abandoned cart recovery
Gift cards
Professional reports

This plan gives discount of up to 37%.
Interested in taking this plan? Get it from here.

Advance Shopify

This Advance Shopify is for bigger businesses as it has more features and it requires monthly subscription of USD $299/month. This plan has the following features:

Online Store
Unlimited Products
24/7 Support
Staff accounts
Sales channels
Manual order creation
Discount codes
Free SSL certificate
Gift cards
Abandoned cart recovery
Professional reports
Gift cards
Advanced report builders
Third party calculated shipping rates

Interested in taking this plan? Get it from here.

Magneto Pros

• Flexible – Magneto is open-source software and it means it provides opportunity to modify the source code as per the requirement. Moreover, it also allows the third party integration. It is really a plus point for Magneto as website analytics tool can be integrated to measure the performance of your online store.
• Many features that other platforms lack – The biggest advantage of using Magneto is its flexibility to use it in multiple languages, multiple currencies and multiple locations.
• Large user community – There are hundreds of users of Magneto. Therefore, its community is giant and hence there are numerous forums available where people submit their queries.
• Mobile Friendly Configuration – Magneto is providing mobile-friendly user interface as it is the main requirement of operating ecommerce business on mobile. Giving user friendly behavior is the additive advantage of using Magneto.
• Scalable – One always start the online business on smaller scale and then later it can be scaled up. This is the feature available in Magneto at no extra cost.

Magneto Cons

• Only very few developers – As Magneto is quiet known among its users and therefore there are many developers who claim to be an expert in it. But to be frank, it is extremely difficult to find the authentic one as the science behind Magneto is difficult and cannot understand easily.
• Expensive – Initially Magneto is open-source free to use software but enterprise version of Magneto cost you more than fifteen thousand dollars and hence it’ll cost you fifteen thousand dollars per year.
• Time-consuming – The site itself provides slow loading time and it results in bad user experience.
• Bad Product Support – Their product support is quite expensive because their developers charge handsome amount and it results in draining the dollars.
• Hosting – Magneto itself is self-hosted and hence you need separate hosting service to operate your store. There are many online hosting services like siteground, bluehost, hostgator, wpengine, etc. I personally prefer to use siteground. You can buy it from here.


At the end, I recommend the use of Shopify as it is the an emerging technology. More bigger online businesses are investing and migrating to Shopify because of its 24/7 support and easy operation. It even doesn’t need hosting service as that of Magneto where third party hosting is necessary. Moreover, as numbers indicated  Shopify users are ultimately more as compared to Magneto. Therefore, it is right to go with Shopify. If you want to build your online store for free. Get your free trial here:

McAfee vs. Avast | Best Antivirus (2018)

Here I have prepared an infographics between Avast vs. McAfee for those who don’t have that much time to read the full article:

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Are you in search for the best antivirus software in the market? Making a choice between Avast and McAfee is difficult? No need to worry anymore. I prepared an in-depth review “Avast vs. McAfee” to show the salient features in these top-notch anti-viruses. The McAfee and Avast are most popular antivirus softwares. They are the most used antivirus softwares in the world.  Making the choice between them is quite tough.

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There are many methods to judge the performance of the antivirus software. Here you will get the details for the best guide to choose between McAfee and Avast. This McAfee vs. Avast comparison guide is a useful guide for the people who wants to choose between the two. It will help you to   make the  choice easy.

If the system gets affected by the malware or threats the personal details and other files are at risk. The security of the system is the biggest concern. In this modern world of dark internet forces, it is very important to keep the system secured from any uneven activity.

Let’s start the comparison between these two antiviruses:

About Avast and McAfee


Avast is a popular antivirus software. The Avast is a very huge company in the security market.  The compatibility of products of avast with other products is very high. They are highly compatible with Mac, Windows and Android users. It has both  free and paid antivirus programs for its users.

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The McAfee is known for providing the best computer security software services in the market. It is a very popular name in specializing in the security software programs. The Intel owns 49% of the company. The security software has setup the large growth  in the  system security world.

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Avast’s and McAfee’s antivirus Pros and Cons

Avast Pros

  • Automatic software update features
  • Best spyware and Ransome protection
  • Easy installation
  • Best malware protector
  • Super deletion utility
  • Advanced security features
  • The Setup process is easy

Avast Cons

  • The bonus feature is paid.

McAfee Pros

  • Less expensive
  • Easy and fast to use
  • The firewall provides optimal protection
  • User friendly
  • Best technical support to all social media accounts

McAfee Cons

  • Detecting the malware protection is slow
  • Affects the system performance adversely

Avast vs. McAfee’s Best Internet Comparison 2018

Both of the anti-virus software offers several security solutions, but there are a lot of differences between the two. These two software is different from one another in terms of support system and security programs. So, which one is the right for you? With the comparison of the two, we came out with a clear winner between the two.

Different Antivirus Suites

For better comparison, we are showing the list of various antivirus suites of the Avast and McAfee antivirus.  Some popular antivirus suites list:

Avast Antivirus Suites

  1. Avast Free Antivirus software (Windows only)
  2. Avast Pro Antivirus software (Windows only)
  3. Avast Internet Security antivirus software (Windows only)
  4. Avast Premier antivirus software (Windows only)
  5. Avast Security Pro software (Mac only)
  6. Avast Ultimate antivirus (Windows only)
  7. Avast Security software (Mac only)

McAfee Antivirus Suites

  1. McAfee Antivirus software (Windows only)
  2. McAfee Antivirus Plus antivirus(Windows and Mac)
  3. McAfee Internet Security (Windows and Mac)
  4. McAfee Total Protection (Windows and Mac)
  5. McAfee LiveSafe (Windows and Mac)

Some of the free antiviruses come up with firewall, IPS, and IDS that makes them more useful and helpful. The antivirus software with all these features provides more web protection for browsers.

McAfee Antivirus

McAfee does not provide free antivirus software. It has a basic product which is called McAfee Antivirus. This product is Windows-only. It offers necessary protection as well as some extra security with features and utilities.

McAfee has the two premium utilities.

  • File shredding – prevent web attacks and monitor network traffic
  • Two-way firewall protection – Removes the sensitive files permanently

It is a common feature in all  McAfee antivirus software

The speed and performance of the system can be boosted by using it.  Second is game/silent mode feature which stops notifications to get interrupt the free experience. Another one is a vulnerability scanner which checks for any outdated applications that could harm or cause any protection issues.

It does not have some important feature like IDS (Intrusion Detection System), IPS ( Intrusion Prevention System and  WP (Web Protection). That’s the reason why it is less popular among all others.

McAfee Internet Security

McAfee Internet Security is very useful and comes up with many new features. This adds an anti-spam filter that is able to block phishing emails and junk emails. It has many parental control features that help to keep children safe during surfing the web and prevents them from watching the restricted content.

It has some important feature like an IDS (Intrusion Detection System), IPS ( Intrusion Prevention System and  WP (Web Protection). This makes it more safe and popular antivirus software. And other features like facial recognization and the true key identifier manager are present in it.

Avast Free Antivirus

Avast provides different products for Mac OS and Windows. Unlike McAfee, Avast provides a free protection solution which is an Avast Free Antivirus.

Avast is a fast, powerful and light security program. It offers great security against many viruses, malware, ransomware, Trojan horses and spyware. It has many security-related utilities and programs which are super helpful.

It has a WiFi Inspector tool that helps to find any intruders and vulnerable settings and networks. It has a password manager feature that protects all the password and accounts of the person.

Set it into a passive mode to run and you can easily use it with other antivirus programs.There are a rescue disk utility and a gaming mode feature also in this Avast Free Antivirus.It does not contain a firewall and IPS ( intrusion prevention system).

Avast Internet Security

The Avast Internet Security  antivirus  version comes up with many new added features. It contains feature like anti-spam filter, an advanced firewall. The extra security is provided against malware and threats.

Avast Antivirus Pro

The  Avast Antivirus Pro comes out with some new qualities and additional features. It simply allows you to run any potentially dangerous files in an isolated environment easily. This version of the Avast antivirus provides you more protection from the viruses and threats. It prevents the hackers from controlling the DNS of the system. Your computer will not get redirected towards the fake website that can misuse the details of the person. You can browse safely on the internet with the help of this antivirus. You can get the premium customer support. But it does not have a firewall and Intrusion Prevention System that could make it weak at some points.

Avast Premier

Another suite of the Avast antivirus software is Avast Premier.  The Avast Premier has a Data Shredder feature. The  new version of the Avast Premier is very useful as it protects  the system against webcam spying.

Virus Detection


Avast antivirus has increased its level of the security.  Avast can easily find out the bugs and threats in the network and help you to remove them. The Cybercapture system of the Avast antivirus also scans the cloud easily and find out the all threating files.

WiFi inspector is the other powerful security feature. This tool scans the home WiFi system. The inspector in the Avast software ensures that no one is using you’re your system or device without your concern. And it provides full protection and maintain the track to see that no one is using your personal details on the personal network.

Avast’s internet security package is the top security feature. It blocks threats and attacks on your devices. This protects your identity and personal information.

To block all phishing scams and spams, the firewall feature of the Avast is very helpful. It helps to stop all unwanted viruses and malware that can hit your system and  affect it.

It provides the updated monthly report to you for your account and helps to solve all the security issue.


McAfee’s antivirus package offers complete protection with 24*7 support. The company offers a full security package for years. Every McAfee package comes with total protection and 100% guarantee. The company will help to eliminate any virus that harms and hits your computer system. All McAfee packages work well on mobile devices and desktop.

By using McAfee, you are able to block malware, viruses, ransomware. You are able to keep your identity private and safe. The McAfee safe web browsing WebAdvisor gives you warnings about any harmful websites and downloads. It gives you heads up about phishing attacks also.

The company praises its strategies for being integrated and multi-stage defenses. The methods are adapted to find attacks in just a matter of seconds. A close loop system  is used by the endpoint threats, defenses to share the deatil of the malware attacks. It can update it easily to get the best response from the unwanted threats.

Winner – McAfee

When it comes about the protection and detection of the malware, without any doubt the McAfee is the best. It is best antivirus software that will protect the system and gives you the best result. It appears to be a more dynamic and powerful package of antivirus tools.

Installation process and user interface of Avast and McAfee

Installation of Avast

Avast  provides the effortless security. The interface and the dashboard of the software is very easy and simple to use.

The Avast’s installation process is pretty straightforward from the initial point to the start finish. All the software options can be downloaded from the company’s website directly. It has really good design and placement on the desktop along with the user interface. The download and installation window does not take the full desktop screen. It minimizes itself to a mini window that keeps in the corner while going further with the work. It is a smart and easy antivirus product for the average user.

The programs and commands of Avast software are very  easy and you can learn them easily when you start using it. You don’t need any tutorial or training to learn the running part it is very simple as most of the security system runs on its own.


The McAfee has a very similar setup  and installing procedure like another. You can buy this antivirus software from the company’s website directly. Download it and follow the guidance. But, its installation and download process may be a bit of pain. If it detects any other antivirus program during installing and that program has to be removed which takes a more time. And the computer system needs to be restarted. This procedure has to be repeated when it detects some other antivirus program that interrupts the process at a later stage. And the computer needs to be restarted.

The McAfee has an extra step, it will provide you the access to get the license key after completing the  download process of the software. But at some points it might  be confusing for those who are not aware of the further step of installation or downloading process.

Even though McAfee is very easy, clear and simple to use, but some have got the trouble that the layout of McAfee is a little bit difficult for navigation than Avast.

Winner: Avast

Avast antivirus system is very simple, easy, clean and more understandable in comparison to the McAfee’s system.

Value for Money

It is very important to know how much anti-virus software is going to set you back by. Most of the people want the best security against cyber threats, but budgets and prices can be an important and a deciding factor to purchase anti-virus software.

Both antivirus software providers offer several ranges of price options.  People want to check out the fine print. Sometimes prices are good for the one year and then it needs for renewal at different prices.


Avast has any security plans. Avast Premier is priced at $79.99 per year to secure only one computer system. Avast contains many essential security features and add-ons. These different add-ons will be notice at the time of final check out. It offers you the alternative option to add that feature in the final cost step if you want those options and features to include with your software. These extra features will add approx. $29.99 to the final bill. Avast password is priced at approx. $9.99.  Avast SecureLine VPN Multi-Device is priced at $39.99.


McAfee is priced at $99.99 per year to protect ten devices. It means that for near about a hundred dollars, ten of the devices at your place will be secured against viruses, cyber threats and malware. It is a very good deal, especially if some discounts are offered there.

Winner: McAfee

It is much easier to understand and the prices are bank friendly and more competitive in comparison to the Avast. McAfee provides security to more systems in your home at good prices.

Customer Support

Both of the companies provide extensive customer support.


McAfee has a useful feature which is customer support for 24*7 chat live. Individuals just have to register with their email on an online web application form. And wait to get contact within a couple of minutes. The company has an online form, 24*7 helpline and knowledge base.


Avast antivirus program has frequently asked questions. It has a feature of free hotline. But, an option of live chat may not be found on the Avast company’s website.

Winner: McAfee

The company has more options of customer service. McAfee Company has a money-back guarantee. This guarantee ensures to give you some reassurance.

Security Features

Both antivirus security software has very exclusive features. All these features are very helpful. They keep your system more secure and safe from the unwanted viruses.  Some most popular and powerful security features can be seen here. These useful features are served by two antivirus programs.


Avast has a very understandable and great interface. This antivirus program  is very easy and simple to use. It has an excellent and useful security tool.

  • Avast has features that are very easy to use.
  • A new feature which is Game Mode. It is useful for gamers. This feature helps to improve the performance and speed of the computer system.
  • It has the feature of password manager. It helps to lock all the security passwords.  And you will be able to log in very easily with just a single and easy click to your websites.
  • It has a webcam shield. This is able to secure the confidential data using webcam shield.
  • Firewall features
  • Cleanup of Browser: It is able to delete suspicious programs from unwanted suspicious websites.
  • Webcam Shield
  • Automatic updates for your software
  • Data Shredder: This helps to delete all the unwanted data from the bin permanently, as it could not be regained by any virus or malware. Data shredder assists in keeping the sensitive, confidential data safe and private from viruses and suspicious users.
  • Spam Filter
  • Password Manager: it provides safety to online accounts
  • Ransomware Shield
  • Cyber Capture: suspicious files are locked and sent to Avast labs to be analyzed. Protects the system from unwanted malware.


McAfee is an award-winning antivirus solution. It is the most popular and affordable cybersecurity solution on the market.

  • Security management software is very easier to use.
  • It has more scalability.
  • McAfee has a feature of file lock. This feature stores and saves your files on the system. It encrypts them also.
  • This is able to secure your system from malicious programs, websites and software.
  • It has option of free customer support.
  • Smart Access Mode.
  • Web browsing is safe.
  • McAfee will root out and destroy any virus.
  • It provides safe and secure web surfing.
  • Shredder Tool: prevents recovery of deleted.
  • Malware Protection.
  • File Lock.
  • Quick Clean.
  • Firewall Protection.
  • Password Manager.
  • Intel can be set up so you can identify or recognize your face or fingerprint. And you can easily log on without a password.

Winner: No winner. There is a tie between both of the software.

Both of the antivirus software programs have different features. These features are very useful in many perspectives. You can select the antivirus software as per your system’s requirements and your choices that you are chasing for.

System Performance

While picking up the antivirus software the important factor that should keep in mind, is the impact of the software on the speed and performance of the computer. Many scans can take as little as fifteen minutes to over three hours. Any antivirus with the negative impact on the computer’s performance is bad.

When you are scanning or examining the computer using this antivirus software, you need to know the details of if browsing the web or using other program or software can slow down the speed and performance of the computer. Here are some points between these two antivirus that can show the comparison:

The setup of the Avast is very easy, quick and immediate process. The user interface of the Avast antivirus program is the best and easy to understand. It has easy installation procedure.  Avast antivirus program has slightest impact on the system’s speed and performance.

Unlike Avast, McAfee has a slightly different matter. It is slow as compared to Avast. From the starting process of downloading, installing to the final stage running a scan, there is a slightly lag in response to instructions on the computer.

Winner: Avast

Impact on system                

It is very essential that antivirus software program don’t have to use or eat up several system utilities and resources. If antivirus software does so, it automatically impacts system performance and speed. This became essential to know which antivirus software has minimal impact on the computer system and devices.

So, we will look ahead to check out which antivirus program is the best and useful to occupy resources of the system.

AV-Test’s performance test is very useful. This test is used to find out the impact and how useful different antivirus software are? This test is performed on computer systems at the time of common tasks and activities like copy and paste files, installing or downloading commonly using apps and opening and closing of certain heavy websites.

In the last year, the latest test was taken and appeared with the final output of McAfee. McAfee got 6/6 scores. On the other side, the results of Avast antivirus were not satisfied. It got only 5/6 score.

Similarly, AV-Comparatives’ performance test took place in the last year. Many antivirus software products including McAfee and Avast took part in that test. It founds the impact of system speed and performance by carrying out common activities like copy and paste, browsing websites, archiving or un-archiving, installing, uninstalling or downloading applications and many more.

Both of the antivirus products, McAfee and Avast got the top results and honor. But, McAfee’ antivirus is little better in comparison to the Avast software.

Winner – McAfee

Above statements clearly shows that McAfee is the winner from the above tests. McAfee antivirus software is lighter. It has a minimal impact on the speed and performance of the system in comparison to the Avast.


The software market has a lot of different antivirus programs. It is very troubling task to choose and get the best and required antivirus program. It became hard to find the suitable one as per your system and your requirements respectively. If we give the details about the information of the antivirus software’s popularity, then the Avast antivirus software got the top results and holds the 17.4% of the worldwide market share. On the other side, McAfee holds the 4.9%.  It is clearly shown that Avast is more popular antivirus program in the market in comparison to other antivirus software.

Winner: Avast

Avast became more popular in the world’s market.

Need of Antivirus Software

Each and every new day a new virus and malware are created. It became very important to keep and manage the system protected, safe and secure. The complete and overall security of the system can only be done by using the best antivirus security suite.

The single malware can completely attack and damage the system functioning. It may cause a huge damage to the system.  The online world is not completely safe for the individuals completely. The suspected and malicious users on the web are waiting for a victim to catch in the trap and fall for their malware and virus. This may be resulting in the leaking of personal data, financial loss because the bank accounts can also be being hacked by theft.

To ensure that your system is secure and safe, and all the confidential information does not get into the hand of any malicious person which can cause a worse impact to you, invest in a good antivirus security suite.

Final Result: McAfee vs Avast Antivirus software

Avast is more powerful and famous as compared to McAfee.  It became very popular among the individuals in the world. It is also called reliable antivirus software program. It is costly as compare to McAfee but it is better than McAfee antivirus software.

Both Avast and McAfee are the best and top antivirus software in the today’s market. Avast is considered as the most top antivirus software. It has got a huge number of awards. McAfee is also the best and the most antivirus software program that is selected by the people. We have explained a lot about the information of Avast and McAfee antivirus software. The fact cannot be declined that both of the antivirus software is capable of many useful programs and features.

Both of the antivirus software providers offer several protection solutions, but there are many comparison facts between the two.  They both provide the number of security programs and the support system. They are offering you the several features that include online security and a password manager. It collects and secures your passwords. This has a proven and powerful track record in eliminating all kinds of viruses. If you are thinking which software is right for you it depends upon the needs and features you are looking for. But by comparing out this two antivirus software we came out and knew the winner.